Monday, May 3

I mean what I say and I say what I mean...@VickensMoscova


I recognize the power of my throat chakra and using my intentions to co-create my desires. I know one can create their desires by what actions emit from their minds. Therefore I am pretty sure of what I want in my life and what I don't. I want to let my love flow freely and unconstrained. I want to be what I am as I was born at 11:11 am on August 27th 1985. Very intricate alignment, indeed. I can sometimes get over-logical yet am finding more and more ways to keep balanced by finding new ways to express myself. I have a lot in 'here' and cannot digress for anyone, even myself. I am free to be the kind of being I  always desired. Being that I know everything is possible, I know I will reach my goals and dreams. So I must stay up while not punching and heeling walls before I attempt the wrong one, lol. Been there done to enjoy myself with "myself". 

Peace and Love. Stay Focused Vick. No One can love you more than yourself. Remember they may try to boost up your ego but the one you would want to be with would understand, yes or no?  Just do it by being it! 

May all your dreams and desires actualize before you soon!


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