Friday, September 30

@IAmTravisPorter - #TATTEDUP (PRODUCED BY ROB GREEN @GreenHitz & @FKiMusic @FKi1stDown ) #Differenter3 via @VickensMoscova

Sunday, September 25

Roshon aka Roe Dogg Caterer for @UpTown145 Videos

Hi I'm Roshon, I'm your caterer  for UPTOWN145. I've been
cooking since i was 13 yrs old, making great dishes for my
mother. My most requested dishes are my succulent oxtail
and my macaroni and cheese. I have an extensive list of
more mouth watering dishes also.I have catered for baby
showers, weddings, birthdays and super bowl parties. Also
other small local events: I cater for the 5 boroughs of New
York City, parts of Nassau County and Long Island. Prices
vary for meat entrees:

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Saturday, September 24

Trendsetter Entertainment Client Testimonials for @VickensMoscova #Marketing #SocialMedia

@VickensMoscova is a social media consultant/analyst with @TrendsetterEnt. In this role, @VickensMoscova leads a team providing all aspects of marketing, including social media, branding and list building. A big believer in home based businesses, @VickensMoscova supports social media.

Before joining Trendsetter Marketing in 2011, @VickensMoscova worked for 10 years for a diverse range of organizations, including Trendsetter Entertainment, CCM Studios and Actors Theatre Workshop. In this role, @VickensMoscova was responsible for online/offline marketing, film editing and TV show production.

Passionate about social media and its possibilities, @VickensMoscova provides marketing services that help small businesses, artists/musicians and large corporations to efficiently brand and market them self online and offline.

@VickensMoscovas’ varied background in sales, event promotion/planning and volunteerism provided the perfect foundation for online/offline marketing/branding.

@VickensMoscova is available for private consultations everyday after 11am, and can be reached at 8486284873 or by email at

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Trendsetter Marketing

+1 (848) 628 4873 [4TSE]
Hey let's network and see how we might be able to aid each other sometime in the future.
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Tuesday, September 20

Inspire Med Spa Grand Opening - September 23 2011 via @VickensMoscova of @TrendsetterEnt

Long time no see! Anywho here are some updates on a premiere grand opening event that most women (and health concious men) would enjoy. 

People this is a free event, and the people attending are exceptionally enjoyable to get to know all while you are learning more and more about taking care of yourselves.

Grand Opening Premiere Event Friday Sept. 23rd

18 + event

Complimentary food, beverages, mini facials, nutritional lifestyle information, meeting the best in the industry, and 20% discount if you book during the event.

RSVP by September 16th at
IF you do have a facebook, you can as well confirm through this facebook event:

201- 933 -2333
Location is at their main location of, 477 Stuyvesant Avenue, Lyndhurst NJ 07071

Sponsors include:
Madrona Inc
design [moves]
Skin Ceuticals

Live music has been concluded to use Golden Child and The Chosen 

For those who are up for a great event, networking with the best in the industry and meeting some great new people along the way this is a must have event!!

For more info please visit: or

Their should be featuring more news as well ! 

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Saturday, September 17

Mr.13/@firts Featuring Big Frizzle/@Burgundybrick & @SuparNovar #LetItRain (Produced by @wizardproducer) via @VickensMoscova of @TrendsetterEnt

Mr 13 Ft Big Frizzle & Supar Novar
'Let It Rain (Produced by Wizard)'
Directed by Global Faction.
This is the second single from taken from Mr. 13's new release 'Firts Featuring'. For this project Mr 13 reached out to artists whose music he respects and managed to bring together some of the best underground MCs and producers in the UK. 'Firts Featuring' which features Loudmouth Melvin, Big Cakes, Cyclonious, Phoenix Da Icefire, Iron Braydz, Supar Novar, UK Charisma, Kinetik from Grand Central, Cons, Dukus, Superior Thought, Big Frizzle, JAI, Locksmiths, Yung, Kal Sereousz, Major, Cobane, Pyro Barz and Mangaliso Asi, with production from the likes of  7th Dan, Nutty P, Beat Butcha, Wizard, Jabba Tha Kut, Agent Of Change, Superior Thought, Crankz, as well as cuts from Terry Hooligan.
Mr 13 Presents 'Firts Featuring' (Full Tracklisting)
01. Hopes And Dreams Feat. Big Cakes & UK Charisma (Prod by 7th Dan)
02. Kick Back Feat. Kinetik (Grand Central) & Superior Thought (Prod by Superior Thought)
03. Let It Rain Feat. Supar Novar & Big Frizzle (Prod by Wizard)
04. So What Feat. JAI (Prod by Agent Of Change, Cuts by Terry Hooligan)
05. Home Is Where The Hatred Is Feat Cyclonious (Prod by Jabba Tha Kut)
06. Caught Up In The Hype - Locksmiths (Prod by Nutty P)
07. A Long Way To Go - Phoenix Da Icefire & Iron Braydz (Prod by Beat Butcha)
08. Ain't F*cking Wid Us Feat. Yung (Prod by 7th Dan)
09. Hold It Down Feat. Kal Sereousz & Major (Prod by 7th Dan)
10. Let You Know Feat. Dukus (Prod by Crankz)
11. Tight Circle Feat. Cons & Cobane (Prod by 7th Dan)
12. Flow Fitness Feat. Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro Barz (Prod by Wizard)
13. Time Has Passed Feat. Mangaliso Asi (Prod by 7th Dan)
14. Taking Steps (Prod by Deadman Walkn)
15. 64 Bars (Prod by 7th Dan)
Don't forget to check out Mr 13 (Firts) Feat. Locksmiths 'Caught Up In The Hype'   
Don't forget to tune into the 'The UK Hip Hop Show' every Tuesday 7-10pm on BANG 103.6FM.
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Friday, September 16

@TONI_VALLI ft. @CHARLIEBOYGANG & @MONEYJAYWORLD - #GETDISMONEY via @VickensMoscova of @TrendsetterEnt

Posted Image
Spazzin : The Mix Tape On October 31!
Antonieo Robinson (born June 15, 1988 in Flint, Mi, USA) Now known as Toni Valli, was formerly known as A1 in his early raps. Antonieo “Toni Valli” Robinson grew up on the north side of Flint, Mi (65 miles north of Detroit) in the middle of a crime infested neighborhood filled with drugs & gangs. Watching the drugs pretty much destroy his family & take most of his childhood he decided to take a much different approach on life. Consuming most of his free time with music he began to study the legendary M.C. Breed (his brother in-law & also a Flint, MI native). In 2008 “Toni Valli” moved to Atlanta, Ga to work with the Legendary Artist right before his untimely death. “He taught me a lot about the music as far as recording, delivery, tone as well as the Do’s & Don’ts of the business side.” Toni Valli often speaks of him in his raps & interview’s & dedicates every show to the late great legend. He is currently finishing up his latest mix tape titled Spazzin Hosted by D.J. Substance, Klassic CEO of Fleet D.J.’s & D.J. Knight! You can check Toni Valli out,, & be sure to download the hot new Single “Get This Money” feat: @CharlieboyGang & @MoneyJayWorld.
Follow @Toni_Valli on twitter!
Download Toni Valli Ft. Charlie Boy Gang & Money Jay - Get Dis Money Clean mp3
Downlaod Toni Valli Ft. Charlie Boy Gang & Money Jay - Get Dis Money Dirty mp3
Download Toni Valli Ft. Charlie Boy Gang & Money Jay - Get Dis Money Instrumental mp3
Contact: / 810-471-5940 / 404-503-7749 
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Monday, September 12

6 Reasons #Social #Media Can Grow Your #Business via @VickensMoscova of @TrendsetterEnt

Grow Your Business with Social Media
Social media and blogs are a key part to any inbound marketing strategy. Here are 6 ways they help grow your business:
  1. Quick to Start. You could launch a Facebook page today or get a blog going in a few days.
  2. Low Cost. You can get started in social media and blogging for very little or no money. They are among the most cost-effective methods of reaching your audience.
  3. Instant Interactivity. Both blogs and social media can give you nearly instant market feedback - good or bad. We get all kinds of feedback through the comments on our blog; people also leave reviews and other comments for us on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels.
  4. It's the Search Engines, Silly. Surveys indicate that 90% or more of people begin their purchasing process in search engines. Blogs and social media make it more likely that your prospects will find you online when they search.
  5. Inbound Marketing. If you read our blog, you know that we're big fans of inbound marketing at Trendsetter Marketing. Outbound marketing is telemarketing, direct mail, cold email blasts (not lovely nurturing emails like this one to you), TV and print ads - all the things that buyers tend to block out more and more.  Social media and blogs are essential inbound marketing tools.
  6. First Mover Advantage. For blogs and social media, there is an advantage to moving first. If you don't jump into the conversation, your competitors will (if they have not already) and then you're fighting an uphill battle to become influential in these online conversations. Start now to claim that first-mover advantage.
How are you using social media today? Learn how you can build a successful inbound marketing strategy that combines social media, blogging, lead conversion, and marketing analytics. Get a complimentary Inbound Marketing Assessment from Trendsetter Marketing.
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Trendsetter Marketing

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Hey let's network and see how we might be able to aid each other sometime in the future.
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@S_Kalibre #Blaww Produced by @SoulTheory via @VickensMoscova of @TrendsetterEnt

S.Kalibre 'Blaww' (Produced by Soul Theory) Music Video:
You Tube link
S.Kalibre is an accomplished UK artist who has worked with a host of artists from all over the UK and USA including Blade, Skinnyman, Q Unique, Daz Dillinger, Genesis Elijah, Manage, Stig of the Dump, Dr Syntax, and many more, as well as sharing stages with the likes of De La Soul, Phi Life Cypher, Kashmere, Jehst and many more. Now the phenomenal British rapper S.Kalibre teams up with renowned producer Soul Theory from Norway to bring you this straight up European Hip-Hop banger entitled 'BLAWW' which comes with this excellent promotional music video. This track is taken from 'The Soul Kalibre EP' by S.Kalibre & Soul Theory which is out now and available from ITunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify. 
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Saturday, September 10

@ACtheMC #ProphecyforProfitEP via @VickensMoscova of @TrendsetterEnt

AC 'Prophecy For Profit EP'
01 - Allow That (Produced by Deadman Walkn)
02 - Get Better (Produced by Deadman Walkn)
03 - Real Grafters (Produced by Deadman Walkn)
04 - Sometimes I Wonder (Produced by Deadman Walkn)
05 - Work (Produced by June 25th)
Music Videos: AC 'Allow That' -   
AC Feat. Mr Drastick & Kinetik (Grand Central) 'Real Grafters Remix' -
AC 'Sometimes I Wonder' -
AC 'Work' -
For those of you who don't know about Northwest London emcee AC you really do need to get switched on to this incredibly dedicated and passionate artist. This new five track EP from AC is the official prelude to his brand new album 'Keep It Together' which is currently just getting the finishing touches and is due out soon. It sees AC team up with producer Deadman Walkn who gives up four brilliant beats and who has worked with the likes of Genesis Elijah, Wordsmiff, Terra Slim.  The last track 'Work' is produced by June 25th, another talented UK producer who recently smashed up the underground with his 'Produced By June' mixtape. AC has also enlisted the help of Mr Drastick & Kinetik from Grand Central who go hard on the remix of 'Real Grafters'. AC's music has essence and soul with depth.
AC has been putting it down for years and is well known for selling 40,000 copies of his critically acclaimed CD's 'Human trash' and 'Youthanasia' on the streets, with no major backing, promotion or distribution. He recently impressed the Hip-Hop fraternity with his 'New Day EP' with Hip-hop legend & producer Jabbathakut which featured Hip-Hop veteran Genesis Elijah and legendary rap hustler D21 of Blackmobb. AC has also shared stages with US acts such as Common, The Outlawz, Capone'n'Noreaga, UK acts such as Skinnyman & Klashnekoff, Grime acts such as Sway & Chipmunk and R'n'B acts such as Estelle, Jay Sean and Marques Houston, as well Asian music stars Panjabi MC & Rishi Rich Project and drum'n'bass DJ's such as BBC Radio One's Grooverider & Fabio, Andy C and many more...
Support for AC is in abundance too with his previous music videos getting play of MTV Base, Channel U/AKA, Passion TV, Brit Asia TV and many more, as well getting radio spins from the likes of Tim Westwood, Zane Lowe, Shortee Blitz, Ras Kwame, Bobby Friction, Nihal, Semtex as well as features and reviews in the likes of Hip-Hop Connection, One Week To Live, DJ Magazine, Mixmag and many more. AC has also worked with BBC Blast, teaching children and teenagers stage performance & rapping, as well as appearing rapping on the movie extras of the Noel Clarke's acclaimed UK film 'Kidulthood'. AC's music combines humour, social commentary and robust beats delivered with a message of positivity to the youth. AC has now expanded his brand with the 'Achilles Charrington Range', an exclusive clothing line that includes jackets and T-Shirts, as well as starting an acting career. AC really is a talented entertainer and performer.
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Friday, September 9


Posted Image
TM:103 In stores September 20th!
Jay Jenkins (born September 28, 1977 in Columbia, South Carolina, USA), currently known as Young Jeezy, is an American rapper. He was formerly known as "Lil' J" in his early rap!
Jay Jenkins was born in Columbia, South Carolina. As an infant Jenkins and his family relocated to Duncan Block, a neighborhood in Macon, Georgia (75 miles south of Atlanta). He eventually moved to West Atlanta's 4th Ward between late 1999 and early 2000.

Jeezy has described his childhood as "empty". He has made innumerable references in his music to his previous occupation as a cocaine dealer, although he rarely provides details of his childhood in interviews. Also, according to his lyrics, which may or may not be factual, he has or had an uncle named Grady. This portion of his life, as is often the case with rappers, remains highly veiled and subject to much exaggeration in order to increase his street reputation. However, there is no doubt that Young Jeezy was involved at least to some degree in the illegal cocaine trade, and he is affiliated somehow with the slightly defunct Black Mafia Family.
Follow @OfficialTM103 @FreddieGibbs & @MikeWiLLMadeIt on twitter!

Download Young Jeezy Ft. Freddie Gibbs - Nicks 2 Bricks (Dirty) mp3
*All Versions coming soon*
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Tuesday, September 6

#LeGrandBowl Details @BigE52_RU #Madden12 / #NCAA Video Game Tournament Fundraiser via @VickensMoscova of @TrendsetterEnt


KOTC Tournaments Presents
LeGrand Bowl 2011
A Video Game Fundraiser Extravaganza


Below is the release from Rutgers

Registration and payment for this event will take place on location September 18th starting at 10 am
Sunday, September 18th,
10 am Registration

Madden12 PS3 and 360
NCAA12 PS3 and 360
Please bring your own controller

# $10 Admission to any current Rutgers student (I.D.)
# $20 Admission for all other participants
# $10 Admission for spectators
# This is a Fundraiser, so participants may pay more than $20 to enter if they choose.

All Ages Welcome
@Rutgers University
Busch Campus Center
604 Bartholomew Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854


Rod Lane



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@3RDFLO #WIDEOPEN via @VickensMoscova of @TrendsetterEnt

Posted Image
3rd Flo, formed by artists, D-Ray (Delray Fuller), CAP (Wayne Clendenin), and D-Nell (Donnell Johnson) in 2006 is a charismatic hip-hop act at the upper echelon of hip-hop performers throughout the country. The dynamic trio, raised in Metro Atlanta initially made their debut at Albany State University as the acclaimed "Heizman Boyz". Their smash hit "Do the Heizman" gained national attention, registering 2.7 million hits on Myspace, and over 3.1 million views on Youtube. 3rd Flo's fan base has continued to grow over the years as they increase their visibility through local and national performances, Internet and radio appearances, and participating in a myriad of charity events.
3rd Flo's drive, initiative, work ethic, and tenacity to perfect every facet of their craft separates them from other performers. Their live performances set them apart from the rest with their high energy and their refusal to just be "ordinary" mentality. This remarkable trio has proven they are no stranger to the game, paving the way as the first group to ever receive a major deal from YouTube. With their music crossing all genres, demographics, ethnicities and age barriers, 3rd Flo is indeed in a class of their own and their talent unmatched in today's market.
Follow @3RDFLO on twitter!
Download 3rd Flo - Wide Open Clean mp3
Download 3rd Flo - Wide Open Dirty mp3
Download 3rd Flo - Wide Open Instrumental mp3
Download 3rd Flo - Wide Open Acapella Clean mp3
Download 3rd Flo - Wide Open Acapella Dirty mp3
Contact: (404) 578-8432 / / Angela McMillion / (404) 409-9057 /
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