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The Art of The #Audition with @JohnPallotta via #VMEnterprises

Art of The Audition
New Classes at The Studio
NYC and DC

New Classes from John Pallotta Starting in Feb 2013 

Register by Calling 877 228 3115 
Visit us online at www.johnpallotta.com  or  www.dcacting.com 


Acting for Film & Television I  Audition (Beginners) 
Introduces actors to the challenges of performing in front of a camera. Confidence and skill are gained through scene study, script analysis, rehearsals, and set etiquette. Techniques learned in our acting classes allow students to be free and imaginative on-camera.

Acting for Film & Television II  Filmed Scenes (Advanced) 
Just as it is with level one but we include live performances and short films as well as a a comprehensive hands-on approach to teaching the intricacies of working both behind and in front of the camera. Actors film and act in short scenes, while learning the subtleties of acting for camera and essential filmmaking techniques.

Audition Technique and Character Development (Stage Craft) 
Teaches our students how to find representation, impress casting directors, and become professional working actors. Students learn how to define an image that works, market themselves effectively, and launch practical strategy for success. Agents, managers, photographers, and casting directors participate in select classes.

Character Works Lab Series - (Audition Req.) Highlight Reels and Short Films 
Introduces an external approach to truthfully portraying a character vastly different from the actor. This outside in method helps students learn how to transform themselves and connect to their character’s physical life as required by the material. Classwork involves exploring a character’s perspective through a highly advanced approach.

Scene Study (Off Camera) 
Offers students the opportunity to move beyond classwork and act in fully-rehearsed scenes on an actual stage. This class guides students as they gain a deeper grasp of the complexities of a scene by examining the dramatic elements of the material.

Stage Combat (Film Combat) 
Class provides the fundamentals of practical stage and screen violence for the modern actor. The curriculum is extremely physically oriented, covering a variety of techniques that reflect the wide range of demands that are placed on actors in contemporary film and theater work.


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