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15 Useful Event Promotion Tips - Stepcase Lifehack

15 Useful Event Promotion Tips - Stepcase Lifehack

In a recession, the entertainment industry thrives. So if you are thinking about trying your hand at event promotion, I have some suggestions for you:

  1. You need at least two weeks to advertise. Use different color flyers with different ads for the same event. Use original artwork and be creative. Be brief: Too much information is bad information in modern advertising.
  2. Contact local stations, websites, and newspapers to see if they’re willing to plug your event in exchange for promoting them on flyers and other announcements. This is known as a “media sponsorship”. Always phrase your pitch in terms of how they benefit, not you.
  3. You should always include college media in your advertising campaign because in most cases, it’s free.
  4. Do not solely use MySpace or other social networks to promote your event. MySpace is dead, and there is too much clutter to fight through on other networks.
  5. Make sure you advertise where your audience is, not just where the event is. Never violate local posting policy and town / state regulations. Call the town / village / city before you post.
  6. Tell people about the show in person. Americans are increasingly shut in and need convincing to come out. Tell your friends, have them tell their friends. Don’t be annoying. You can tell quickly if someone wants to learn more. If they don’t, thank them and leave.
  7. Band and performer selection is crucial. Since you’re not likely to have a major band performing at a small venue, for example, you need quality bands. Don’t just book a performer because they’re going to bring people. The performer’s “Suck Factor” outweighs drawing ability. You have to keep people at your event, not send them away screaming.
  8. Having an ego is the worst thing this business. Check your ego at the door or pay for it later. Be polite. Always.
  9. Ramming your head into a concrete wall because of frustration is not recommended. Drinking lots of coffee is. Trust me. Concrete hurts.
  10. Make sure you tell people when the event starts. People want to enjoy themselves and get on with their life.
  11. Events should not be more than three hours. Be mindful of setup and tear down times, it will always take longer than you think.
  12. Make sure you and the venue know who is doing what, when, why, and how. A simple, one page agreement should detail who does what and for how long. Do not ever work with a venue, band, or promoter without something signed by both parties explaining responsibilities.
  13. If you’re hosting a major tour with its own crew, be helpful, be polite, and get out of the way.
  14. Something will go wrong. If you’re prepared, you’ll be fine.
  15. With large concerts, don’t assume people are coming. Never, ever assume people are going to come out to anything. You do the best with what you have and plan for the worst.

Monday, December 28

Sunday, December 20

Actress Brittany Murphy dies at 32 of heart attack: report

Relapse album coverImage via Wikipedia
Actress Brittany Murphy dies at 32 of heart attack: report

Brittany Murphy was in a beloved Hip Hop Movie with Eminem. Its now easy to see how easily Eminem Could have passed away but made it through. Why does the creator force spare some of us while some seem to not make it. On this Sunday let us give thanks for the blessings unseen. We should be wise and humble enough to be thankful for those seen so let us want for others what we want for ourselves.
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Saturday, December 19

What are you doing for New Years Eve?

Gaga performing on the Fame Ball tourImage via Wikipedia
What are you doing for New Years Eve? There are so many events throughout the United States of America. Will you be out clubbing in New York City. Thanks to some nifty research and problem solving, Vicks Events was created to serve Las Vegas, L.A., New York City and Miami covered.

From Lady Gaga in Miami at Poolside-at-Fontainebleau-Resort-New-Years-Eve-2010 with 3 HOUR PREMIUM OPEN BAR 9PM-12AM to Tao-Las-Vegas-Las-Vegas-New-Years-Eve-2010 hosted by Christina Aguilera with 2 HOUR OPEN BAR 9PM - 11PM many star studded events have tickets for sale now. 

It makes sense to look up New York City New Years Eve Events on Vick Events as well. All relevant New York City Night Clubs, Lounges, Bars, Ballrooms, Event spaces,  Rooftops, Cruises are available. We also have the best AFTER PARTY tickets available (Greenhouse). 

The Yard (formerly Porky's)

Cain Luxe


Times Square's Legendary Nightclub Hosted by Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey


Rated NYC's #1 Luxury Mega-Yacht Party Cruise. Picture Perfect Skyline Views & Midnight Fireworks!

Mother Earth's #1 New Nightclub & Lounge for New Year's Eve 2010. Go Green!


Host By Kelley Bensimon Of The Real Housewives Of New York!! Voted #1 Celebrity Event For New Years Eve 2010!!

Remember to visit our Facebook Site @ Trend Setter Entertainment.

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Friday, December 18

Doing my best to stay sane in this crazy world...please keep a young brother in your prayers/meditations.

Monday, December 14


No matter what happens, no matter what you may be going through at this very moment.

Remember you have everything you need to make IT!

Thursday, December 10

Pink Elephant Changes Its Name

Pink Elephant Changes Its Name

Following a legal spat over its five owners, Pink Elephant is about to undergo a number of changes; starting with its name. That’s right, our favorite celebrity elephant is officially dead.

Joey Morrissey, who is now sole proprietor, has changed the name of his Chelsea hot spot to simply "Pink." According to the Daily News, Morrissey spent the whole weekend removing the world Elephant from outside the building.

Due to the legal separation, Pink Elephant isn’t the only place undergoing a name change. David Sarner and Bobby Montwaid will be taking overRoom Service and naming it Pink Elephant. Clubgoers are going to have to make sure they have the right address, and name for that matter, when planning their next evening out.

It is also rumored that Morrissey is in talks with the building’s owner about opening a sister club for Pink in 2010.

Wednesday, October 21

New Music Anydays

Can we get back to that healing music?

Friday, October 16

Feeling alot better. Had many interpretive dreams of ex-gfs and ex-friends. Realizing lately that my ability to create my situations, I have been getting better at.
Going to make it no matter what. Made the choice and nothing or no one has the will to hold back my Dreams of just helping my self and others. Choice is mines and I made it.

--Vickens Moscova

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Thursday, October 15

Awesome day rumor is we the best. Made it up but its still true.

Tuesday, October 6

New and Free Music Anydays Presented by Trendsetter Ent.

T.I.- Hell Of A Life (Prod. By Danja)(Hot) Final Version

Gorilla Zoe Ft. Diego Cash - Let's Go(Hot)

Busta Rhymes Ft. J. Holiday- Hits For Days(Hot)

Glasses Malone Ft. Mannie Fresh- Get With Me Shorty(Hot)

Lil Boosie- Rear View(Hot)

Mariah Carey- Skydiving (Prod By. Timbaland) Hot R&B

Supa Villain & Al Myte Ft. Rich Boy- She Wanna(Hot) Remix

6 Tre G Ft. Lil Boosie- Fresh(Hot) Remix

Freeway - All Night Long

Carter Ft. Bun B- Houston Summer

Bonji Ft. Ryan Leslie- You

Wyclef Jean Ft. Maino- Dont Go Outside(Hot) Remix

Triple C's Ft. Yo Gotti- Yams(Hot) Remix

Sean Garrett Ft. Gucci Mane- Up In My Heart(Hot)

Webstar And Jim Jones Ft. Rex And Styles P- Uptown(Hot)

Webstar And Jim Jones Ft. Sin- Fast Cars(Hot)

Rythmiq Ft. Twista, D-Loc & Dalima - The Getaway(Hot)

Mysonne Ft. Jim Jones And N.O.R.E. - Hmmm(Hot)

Z-Ro- I Gotta Stay On My Grind

Sean P- We Getting To Tha Money(Prod. By Lil Jon)

Blood Raw- Champion

Ying Yang Twins- Whats Up

D12 Ft. Swizz Beatz- Ugly Bitch

Young Jeezy- I Got This (Don't Worry)(Real Hot)
Off New Album.

Lil' Jon Ft. R. Kelly & Claude Kelly- Hips & Ass (Prod. by Drumma Boy)(Hot)

Yo Gotti Ft. All Star- Maybach Music(Hot)

Trav Ft. Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana- Ride The Wave(Hot)

Omarion- Sweet Hangova (Prod. By.T-Pain) Hot R&B

Tracy T- I Be Der(Prod. By Zaytoven)(Hot)

Cory Gunz- Big Noise(Hot)

Bigg Steele Ft. Masspike Miles- I Can Give Ya(Hot)

Erick Sermon Ft. Donell Jones- Cool(Hot)

Papa Reu Ft. Rick Ross- Put In The Air(Hot)

Teairra Mari Ft. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy- Sponsor(Hot)

Freekey Zekey Ft. Cam'ron & Vado- Harlem(Hot)

Curren$y Ft. Max B And Young Riot- Living The Life(Hot)

Usher- Papers Hot R&B

Lil Haze Ft. Rich Boy, Ray J And Fredd P- Work That Body(Hot) Remix

Soulja Boy- Million Dollar Freestyle Pt.1(Hot)

Tyga- Young Money Freestyle(Hot)

All Star- 23, 24 Freestyle(Hot)

Saigon Ft. OJ Da Juiceman- For Some Pussy(Hot) Remix

David Banner- Something Is Wrong(Hot)

Freeway- When I Rap(Hot)

Billy Roadz Ft. Maino- Towards The Sky(Hot)

Curren$y Ft. Fly Union- Stay Up

P.A. Ft. Iceberg- So I Hit It

Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne And Swizz Beatz- I Can Transform Ya(Real Hot)

T-Pain- More Careful(Real Hot)

Rich Boy- Celebrity(Hot)

Lloyd Ft. Pusha-T - Pusha(Hot)

Slim Of 112 Ft. Maino- Dont It Feel Good(Hot)

Tyga- Break Up(Hot)

Rico Ft. Young Dro - Stupid Problems(Hot) Remix

Mya Ft. Nicki Minaj- Ponytail(Hot)

Mya Ft. Slim Thug- Im Back(Hot)

Tracy T- G Shit(Prod. By Zaytoven)(Hot)

Mya Ft. Chamillionaire- Club Go Crazy(Hot)

Marc DeCoca Ft. Stuey Rock- Booty

Yung Redd Ft. Young Problemz- I Love College Girls

Saigon- Shout Outs

Thanks and please visit

I need to find great parties and events!

Sunday, September 27


This is pretty good...check out the guys playing JayZ , Kanye and Chris Brown
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Friday, September 18

Is it too late for Hip Hop as we know it?

The saviour of Hip Hop is here! Where is he you may ask. Who is he? What camp might she be repping?  Can a whole genre be uplifted by one person? Can one person save something a whole race may or may not be attached to? These are all wrong questions to be asking. Maybe asking ourselves, "What is Hip Hop to me?". The Hip Hop Culture has to start looking in the mirror as Michael Jackson has said. (Man in the Mirror.) Us as a whole humanity must do this in essence. Yet we are talking about Hip Hop here and maybe even humanities pure existence and history. 

Hip Hop never died nor will it ever go away is the short answer.  The black man was created first on this planet and most of what we see derived from dynasties in central and east Africa. All this can be researched and youtubed. "Black" have been creating since the beginning of time yet have been left out of history. African-Americans are one of the only groups of peoples who are living in a country which practices beliefs and ways of life foreign to their true ancestry.  Once one realizes that fact they can start and grasp Hip Hop for what it truly is.

Financially nothing can stop this money generating machine.  It still makes a lot of money for the puppeteers and people behind the scenes.  As the record industry and artists adapt they will figure out the new way to create more flowing revenue. So that is not the problem. As we have seen with Rapper/Actors such Ludacris, Snopp Dogg and Ice Cube anyone from the 'hood can train to be an actor and create different revenue streams.

One of the situations at hand is the saturation of meaningless music into the masses ears. I mean the beats sound good and all but what positive information are we really getting?  TRUE African history needs rap and Hip Hop as a teaching tool rather than a get rich quick scheme.  I mean some rappers do spit real truth like Krs-One, Professor Griff and Immortal Technique so we can find that truth we all have been looking for when we choose to dig deeper.  

As I have been studying rap and its roots in African History and World History, at that I can see the real truth in the Afro-Man. For now I am suggesting one youtube Dr. Yosef Ben JochannanMalcolm XDr. Cheikh Anta DiopElijah MuhammadDr. Chancellor WilliamsDr. Asa HilliardDr. Ray HaginsDr. Nelly FullerMarcus Garvey speeches. Just watch the videos as you will be flabbergasted. Then maybe even pick up a book on African history.

The Wllie Lynch theory is as prevalent in Hip Hop as it is within all colonialized cities and countries. The old East Coast, West Coast beef is a prime example of this.  The only way to bring back Hip Hop back to Zenith proportions would be in encourage unification through all the avenues of jobs Hip Hop has created through the years besides being a rapper.  Remember those same rappers could hire you as their account, marketing director or even event promoter.  The sky's the limit, even Biggie knew that. Stop attempting to be mediocre rappers and start doing what you are good at. Leave the glitz and glamor for those with some actual talent.


Steve Nash's Vitamin Water Commercial w/ 50 Cent

Wednesday, September 16

Message from Vick the Conscious Promoter

Hey guys this is 'Vick the Conscious' "Promoter" reaching out to you from the Trendsetter Entertainment headquarters out here on the east coast. There is so much I could be speaking about to you today like Kanye and Lil Mama at the VMAs, some parties I have going on this week, the radio show or some political lingo. Yet I'm taking this time out right now to bring some unity to this "game". I am talking about the wack ass sub-promoters being told by there "promoter bosses" to saturate Facebook and other popular online mediums with generic invites and updates.

The way you are sending out messages and party invites is killing it for us real marketers and promoters. As soon as these venues smarten up and hire a marketer/promoter from within, you all will be left with nothing. Sending millions of invites and and status updates is extremely inefficient. So let us come today to figure out a method that not only is better for the patrons but easier for us as well. I know it gets tiresome creating I mean coping and pasting all the info over and over. Youtube Video:

I wouldn't start judging you all here with out presenting some viable solutions. I have been brain-storming from the beginning, so yes I know there aren't options like that easily accessible for us...or are there.

Yet irritating the same people aka customers that we all need is not the way, especially when they slowly start blocking you. I know you think there are always more people to add on you friend list but the waters are definitely able to run dry. (FB = 300 million active users)

Try some of these apps and sites:

Event Invites


Free Event Postings and Marketing

So let's add some variety and make things more interesting. Remeber we have to embrace technology.

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New and Free Music Anydays Presented by Trendsetter Ent.

Gucci Mane - Iced Out Bart(Real Hot) NODJ Version

Kevin Cossom Ft. Drake- I Get Paper(Real Hot)

Gucci Mane - Money Bags Shawty(Hot)

Keri Hilson Ft. Marques Houston- Slow Dance Hot R&B

Kid Cudi- Cuditastic(Freestyle)(Hot)

Snoop Doggy Dogg- Fallin Asleep on Death Row(Hot) Unreleased

The Dream- This Is Hot Hot R&B

Punch Ft. Rock City- Rep Till We Die(Hot)

Raekwon- Cant Hide It(Hot)

Trick Daddy- You Aint A Goon(Hot) Bonus Track

Alicia Keys- Doesn't Mean Anything Hot R&B

Ice Cube- Raider Nation

Chrishan- Press Play Hot R&B

62 Shawty Ft. Big kuntry- Beat It Up

Thursday, September 10

993/Trendsetter Launch Event Flyer

99.3 The Joynt
in association with
Trendsetter Entertainment

The LIVE Official Radio Show Launch Party 
w/ Fashion Show Extravaganza

Duvet Night Club (45 West 21st Street, NYC)

Vickens Moscova
Event Planner
Daryl Joyner