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J.Cole speaking on Jay-Z lyric "advice" w/ Higher

Trendsetter Exclusive! J.Cole speaking on advice from JayZ on keeping it real even within the lyrics. J.Cole also drops a song for the intimate crowd before even the label gets it!

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Top 10 reasons 'free people' should Thank Haiti!

Français : Le général Toussaint Louverture.
Français : Le général Toussaint Louverture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The leader of the Haitian revolution, Toussain...
The leader of the Haitian revolution, Toussaint L'Ouverture, was a former house slave. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top 10 reasons 'free people' should Thank Haiti

10. The people have always been truly sincere and generous.
Haitians have always been known for taking care of the "community". From stories from Haiti's "hey days" I have heard of children getting beatings from neighbor's and getting another one when they got home. This kind of strong-knit communities are key to Haiti's redevelopment and to the world at large. We all have to stop being afraid to interact to people we encounter and start being truly one. We have to be giving while being receptive to receiving the love back.

9. Haiti's "win" for freedom is the reason for the Louisian Purchase.

"They owe a debt not only to Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana’s purchaser, but to Toussaint Louverture and the Haitians who fought so tenaciously for their freedom that Napoleon was forced to cash out of America. (He exclaimed, on hearing of the death of his best general, “damn sugar, damn coffee, damn colonies!”)" If there is anything on the mid to west coast of the US that you enjoy now, then you have a strong and courageous Haitian ancestor to thank for it. How many Americans live in the great heartland that stretches from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains?

8. Haiti’s predecessor, Saint Domingue, was the reason France felt the need to aid the weak and bankrupt US.

Many Haitian soldiers, including Haiti's future ruler a young Henri Christophe, fought along side America soldiers in key battles during the Revoltionary war. "France supported America for many reasons, including the ones we learn in school — Benjamin Franklin’s roguish charm and the appeal of the underdog and England’s comeuppance." France at one point was making so much money off the back of slaves that it had enough to send money to its close trading buddy, USA. France at first indirectly support the US plight for freedom from the British Empire then brought it out into the open. Americans needed guns and powder and bullets and warm clothing. To buy those necessities, they needed money. And money in those days came from France, eager to twist the tail of the British Lion.

7. Haiti arguably had the world's very first "Hollywood"!

"Le Cap’s first theater preceded Boston’s by more than 50 years. Its capital city, Cap Français (
today’s Cap Haïtien) was larger than Boston, and among the most cosmopolitan places in the Americas." Now I understand why my parent's growing up in Le Cap always had stories centered around going to the movies. Haiti has a rich culture and history in plays and comedies. This can be evidenced by its inspiring movie industry today.

*I guess the slave masters needed something to take their minds off of raping and working slaves to death, literally.

6. Haiti paid for France's whole development/economy especially during the peak slave trade era.

People in France were living extra nice thanks to the free labor produced by the slaves. I mean all one had to do was make that initial investment of what $5-30 Gs that had a lifetime return...of the slave that is. So these "people" worked them as much as possible so they could be living a lavish lifestyle. After Haiti ceded from France and whooped Napoleon's ass they were kind enough to pay about $20 billion dollars to France. YES for winning the war! After all this to this day they still would not pay back reparations, even after former President Aristide demanded the stolen money back. Maybe this guy should be back in office?

5. America first started outsourcing its knowledge from Haiti even before India or China!

"The historian James E. McClellan III said that Haiti’s scientific clubs “certainly rivaled, if they did not eclipse” those of Philadelphia and Boston." Think about it would you travel 20 miles for expert knowledge or 2,000 miles? Thought so! The beautiful weather and plentiful commodities did not hurt either when doing research with other top scientists in Haiti. How many Americans have been moved by the prints of John James Audubon, or the writings of W.E.B. Du Bois, or the many other descendants of Haitian families, white and black, who came here in the aftermath of the Haitian Revolution?

4. Vodoo may or may not be deterring these horrible weather controlling technology in existence today.

There has been rumors that Haitian Voddoo priest were calling on the spirits to help calm down Sister Earth as she pays us back for letting our governments use weather controlling technology. Nikola Tesla realized that the Earth's magnetic grid could be used to provide free energy but people by the likes of Thomas Edison had to make sure we paid for it. He had to pay back his investors. Sounds familiar? We need to get away from the competitiveness in our economic societies and start working together to use the free and abundant resources on this planet.

3. Haiti's minute example of corruption is showing the world its own reflection we hate to talk about.

We can all keep rolling our eyes at Haiti's corrupt power structure and money laundering or we can learn from it. The recent earthquakes really shook up their current power structure. Even former Presidents of the United States of America, Bill Clinton and George Bush, tried to take advantage of this recovery effort by creating non-profits. We are still looking for the aid from these "funds" to this very day like the Katrina Fund, Tsunami Fund and others. Where did all that texting money go to? As of 3/22/10 only about 1/3 of the people have received proper aid from the 1/12/10 massive earthquake. Thank God the epicenter of the 8.8 magnitude Chile earthquake, weeks later, was away from the major cities unlike in Haiti. We will rebuild Haiti with remembrances of its GREAT past while giving it a chance to take over it existence with its plentiful resources that could aid the world so much.

2. "Simply put — the United States might never have come into existence without the help of our island neighbor."  

1. You tell me...

Seriously let me know what a good reason is that I may have overlooked on "Why we owe Haiti and its ancestors some respect!" Let your friends know about these facts and see what they can come up with. You can leave a comment and directly to me @VickensMoscova so we can have everybody talking about this furthur. 

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Working on believing myself as my dreams and goals r in my hands.

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I have to have an "on to the next one" mentality with my awareness. My dreams and goals are actually being accomplished and I am always finding my self in the right situation to continue building. I sometimes feel like I am dreaming yet I know its all real. [Please let me know it is real sometimes by commenting.] I was literally so high on life last night that weed wasn't really getting me high. I am now accessing my inner natural happiness. I heard that emotions r the causes for sickness and disease. Peace and Love r truly the way to live happily and successfully in all forms. Emotionally, Physically, Financially, Spiritually, ext. Link up and lets network on these other social sites as you see below. Thanks.


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Self-Help for Wack Rappers

Self-Help for Wack Rappers

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So today I had to realize how I need to spend more time doing what I know I can rather than trying to waste time proving it to others. Proving by action is a lot better than proving truth by speech.

-Vickens Moscova
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Monday, March 15

New Week and Great Things


On behalf of Bryan Ogilvie

Wrote a pretty cool poem when I woke up this
morning too. Check it out:

"Most have a fear of failure,
But I think I have a fear of success.
At this level of stress,
How can I even bear with the next?

But I can reach people, 
Beyond just teach people,
I can show those who act shallow
That it's OK to be one of the deep people

& that keeps me moving, 
I just want y'all to understand
That I ain't got it all together,
My challenge is translucent .

Cause I grow a lot, and I know a lot,
But when you try to blow the spot,
The Universe tests you,
To see what kind of Soul you got.

In ways the typical man can't understand
They just see the surface
& assume that your caliber's grand

So even though I make a strong text
Don't take it out of context
Nothing happens by itself,
There's always a process...


Watch it unfold,
Never think the things you know
Are fully evolved yet

A man at his apex might fall..
& end up behind you next, cause

Time is a cycle,
How you know the end 
When it ain't revolve yet?

So never take a single element
& magnify it beyond its context."


There's a ton of blog posts this time around,
and titles are pretty self-explanatory, so I'll
skip the excerpts. Notice how you can go to any
post in the series by just changing the last 

Catch a review of sessions 6-10 here:

And 1-5 here:

Conquer Yourself (Session 10) - A Sane Solution 
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(S.9) - On So-Called "Time-Management":

(S.8) - Understanding Productivity @ The Deep, 
Symbolic Level:

(S.7) - Embracing Death...a Samurai's Mentality:

(S.6) - The Science of Stress & How To Avoid It:

(S.5) - Native Wisdom American Wisdom vs. Our 
Technological World:

(S.4) - Beginning Steps to Self-Mastery:

(S.3) - Liberation Through Your Sense of 

Also, be sure to leave comments on the blog 
letting me know what you think: points that 
touched you, anything you disagree with, ideas 
you'd like to add on, questions or whatever...
feedback is the best ;)

Peace Vickens, and thanks again...

Yes and Thanks to you Bryan...

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WTF is going on in Jay Electronica's mind when he raps? | Media

WTF is going on in Jay Electronica's mind when he raps?

"Build a home, teach a class, start a revolution/Free the mind, heal the body,/talkin’ evolution/This that black Elohim Anunnaki rap/That Farrakhan Akeem Olajuwon Qaddafi rap/I dedicate this to my niggas in New Orleans/
Rockin’ black and gold stocking caps and fleur-de-lis Shockey hats/I’m in the coatroom, screamin’ “Who Dat” on the double/Servin’ gumbo wit’ a shovel, dawg, I’m on another level/Me and Kweli come together like two pieces of metal/We magnetizin’ the ghetto"

Reflection Eternal feat. Jay Electronica, J. Cole and Mos Def, “Just Begun”: 

Lyrics here. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek’s Revolutions Per Minute is due out in February 2010. Props to Blacksmith. Reflection Eternal feat. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def - Just Begun (CDQ) | Usershare

I reiterate, "What the fuck is going on in Jay Electronica's mind when he raps?" Anunnaki? Elohim? FARRAKHAN? Nobody is rapping mainstream about these subjects these days. I guess he is bringing metaphysical raps to the forefront. With the meteoric rise of his Just Blaze produced track, 'Exhibit C', he is set to rise in ways only Drake has seen before. LOL! I am eager to be part of this since it is my thing. It is time for everyone to know the truths that have been held from us strategically. Hey Jay Elect let us all know about the origin of the Jews, Caucasoids and "Blacks", it's time now for all to awaken from their ignorance!
[ By: @VickensMoscova]

"All my dreams are coming true all across the board for some reason," Jay Electronica said via phone from London. Jay — who's on the other side of the pond headlining shows — just celebrated his daughter Mars' first birthday (mom is Erykah Badu) and his hometown team the New Orleans Saints just won the Super Bowl. Plus his career is on the upswing; life is good. (

May all of the dreams and desires of your heart come true this year. (c) Jay Electronica

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Wednesday, March 10

End of time as we have known it, Are you prepared for the New Age?

With another significant earthquake added to the thousands since the start of 2010, I am packing up a closet full of water and not sharing with you clowns that did not take heed to the warnings.J/K...I am not being negative yet it seems that it is only a matter of time before one of these "natural disasters" hits another major city. Haiti and Chile were practice. Again if this HAARP weather controlling technology is being used then we all have to wake up to tell who ever is controlling the weather and earth to stop, NOW. They already messed up Earths' rotation and slowed down time, what  more do they want?

With supposed humanitarian Bill Gates implying population control through vaccination at a Ted Talks conference its not hard to see how these global elite work right before our eyes. I am not saying Bill Gates is part of this but why does he want to control the world population with vaccinations that are proving to be the causes of dis-eases and viruses daily. Yes Bob Marley you were right all along, 'Herbs are for the healing of the nations', which is also stated in the Bible. "Microsoft founder and one of the world's wealthiest men, Bill Gates, projects an image of a benign philanthropist using his billions via his (tax exempt) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to tackle diseases, solve food shortages in Africa and alleviate poverty. In a recent conference in California, Gates reveals a less public agenda of his philanthropy-population reduction, otherwise known as eugenics."(EngdahlWTF! This shit ain't cool yo!

It is time we started putting some real life situations together so we can really take this veil off and see what is truly going on around us. This shit is seemingly happening right around us yet it does not have to be part of our paradigm in the future. We have to work now to ensure our positive future. I do not want negativity in my children's futures and many people I know around the universe feel the same. It is up to us to do our own research and come up with our own conclusions. Do not take any ones word for it, television or on a website. We have to look within  in these days. Even Google seems to be getting attacked nowadays with the Italy lawsuit and other forms of degradation. 

What do you think about this? Is this all just some some made up theory with no evidence to back it up?

by Vickens Moscova

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Tuesday, March 9

It time to put the focus on 'Sister Earth',she's ailing!

Beware of false prophetsImage by janusz l via Flickr

It time to put the focus on 'Sister Earth',she's ailing!

    Hey guys, gals and vegetables! It is time we start looking around at whats going on around us and start questioning. Something is happening with sister Earth and we need to come together. Not only are many people jobless and feeling worthless but now Earth itself is in some sort of transition. The main issue here is, are you ready for it? Do you have any closet full of water baller. Stop making it rain and put them 1s back in your pocket. 

    We literally seem to be in those last days we been learning about since childhood and some beings on this planet do not want to see it. I don't know about you but this obvious pattern of natural disasters is making me start to look within. I need to find the truth with this attempted strategic lock down of the web so I have been going into self to find the answers. I have been getting them, thank the universe.

    This recent Chile earthquake did not even let us get over the recent Haiti quake. If this weather weapon technology HAARP is even real then now even Earth is getting into the action. Is it something more sinister than that? What is going on beneath the surface of this planet. This recent Quake literally slowed down time by 1.26 microseconds [millionths of a second].(NASA) Yet this is one of many "natural disasters" slowing down time. Recently going unreported in the news was how in France a huge hurricane is taking some lives. Also going unreported was about how in Australia fish were literally falling out the sky. Why is this not in the news like Haiti was for two days? Could this be some Vodoo payback for the 200,000 lives taken in Haiti and its ancestor freedom fighters of the revolution from France.

    All we need to do is be informed of what truly going on so we can come out of this "recession" even stronger than before. We need to be prepared! With Social Hype you have no choice but to be informed. With great updates and regular contributions by high class writers one sees no reason to delay joining and telling all their friends to as well. So as you check out my posts on the regular expect to get hit with my truths from time to time. I know from experience that even if you did get all the truth at once, your brain would not be able to comprehend most of it! So start your research with my very informative research packed posts!

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Sunday, March 7

Mohegan Sun Trip - Sat, March 20 at 8:00 a.m. - Eventbrite

Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun is a world at play!

Mohegan Sun offers a world-class gaming experience packed into two phenomenal casinos. There are more than 6,000 slot machines and nearly 300 table games, including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow and more to create a paradise of action-packed games.
Tickets cost $40 and it includes roundtrip transportation, a $15 food voucher and $25 bet voucher.
Bus departs promptly at 8 a.m.
Altria Building
120 Park Avenue at E. 42nd Street

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