Artist Services

FM Radio Spins:
If you would like your music or your artist music added to rotation in multiple markets on mainstream FM radio. Send your single to radioplaymp3s. One of our agents will contact you within 72hrs with more details if your record is approved by our media company.

National or International Marketing:
Our marketing company specializes in direct consumer marketing, consulting services & packages to fit your needs and your budget. Our Grassroots Street Marketing Services include Mobile Campaigns, Digital Support and Local Street Team Marketing Ambassadors in each market. If you are in need of professional marketing  please email us at info explaining your project and budget. Clients include but are not limited too, Atlantic Records, Paula Cambell, Total Health Care and more.

Production/Mixing & Mastering/Studio Time:
Get professional beats, studio time and mixing and mastering that independent artist can afford. Call now to schedule a session or discuss rates. Call us direct at 848.628.4873 or mention Trendsetter Marketing Management when calling for special rates not advertised on our production page.

Professional Videos:

VME Services
(HD Music Videos at a affordable price)
Simple HD Video Includes:
Direction, Videography & Editing

A Treatment will be created as soon as date and deposit is set for the production.
1) Consultation about project (Set Direction, Date & Locations)
2) Video is a One day Shoot (8 Hours) Artist, Actors & Extra's should be prepared. VME does not supply Extra's, Must be filmed in Timely manner
[VME does not provide Locations, For a extra fee locations can be made]
3) Editing and Color Correcting can take 14 to 30 hours depending on the project. (There will be no supervision of the Edit)
4) Turnover time of a video is one week to two weeks. The Artist will receive two REVISIONS of the final edit. (Any future edits will cost hourly)
5) Completion of Final video .Mov format H.264 for TV, Online, DVD Compatible ( Two DVD's will be provided for artist )
The Video Footage & File is available as well, transfer is a free, you must provide & mail hard drive (VME will keep video file on company hard drive for 4 months, then deletion)
[Green Screen Footage: There is a extra fee of $150 for any green screen shots]

Travel Detail:
VME is Worldwide yet travels quite frequent to New York & Florida(Check availability). If dates are not around travel times & route, Flights & or Accommodations must be provided by Artist.

The Fee for Simple HD Video is $700.00 usd
$200 Must be deposited before a Date, Treatment & Direction can be made.
$500 Must be paid day of the shoot.
(Note: There is no refund for deposit. Once the date is selected, that is the day. The date can be changed, or rain day. If the video is canceled there will be no refund)

Email us for further details & consultation.
Please do not email with negations of price, this is a set rate and will not be changed.

Moving forward, Email the song and or idea for the film:

Prior Videos:

Vickens Moscova
VM Enterprises / Y Entertainment LLC
Graphic Designs/Flier Printing/Photo-shoots:
Get professionally designed fliers, posters, door hangers, billboards etc. We professionally design all print material at the lowest prices available. To get started email info in order to get an exact quote for your project.
Artist Spotlight
Artist if you want to be featured in "Artist Spotlight" send EPK to Please write "Artist Spotlight" as subject. If you are choosen, an agent will contact you or your management.

Professional Websites:
We've teamed up with professional designers to bring you a professional internet presence. We will design and create a 5-page website that's perfect for you and your business. Just tell us what you want and we will make a custom website. You'll have full control of the completed website, and can make changes or updates at any time for free. This price includes free hosting and  a domain name for a year. To get started send us an email to