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Quiet Mind Newsletter by Dan Joseph Spring 2011 via @VickensMoscova

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Dear Friends:
Greetings! It's been a while since I've had time to send out a newsletter, due largely to an abundance of work opportunities. It feels like a nice problem to have – although it's forcing me to practice setting limits.
Thank you, as always, to those of you who have sent me check-in emails. I always appreciate hearing from you.
In this newsletter, I'll be staying with the format I used last time: an article followed by a couple of questions-and-answers. I enjoy this format (which I used in my books as well) because it allows me to go a little "deeper" in the Q&A section.
Unveiling the Masterpiece
When I first began working with A Course in Miracles, an image came to me. I saw my life as an unfolding tapestry – a scroll-like tapestry that unrolled before me from moment to moment. The tapestry was filled with lovely art that flowed by, each masterful scene replaced by another.
And yet, instead of simply appreciating the unfolding masterpiece, I was scribbling wildly over it. My efforts were creating a chaotic mess. I hated the discord – and yet I continued to scribble, smear, and carve my own imagery over the otherwise-lovely scenes.
At the time, I was pining over an unrequited love. I woke up each day hurt, angry, and resentful – and proceed to overlay my days with bitter thoughts and feelings. The image of the tapestry helped me to recognize that beneath my bitterness there was beauty – peaceful scenes and experiences waiting to be had. And yet, as long as I scribbled, I saw only chaos.
This is one of the main themes of A Course in Miracles: our job is not to create beauty, happiness, or love. Instead, our job is to simply stop interfering with it. The beauty is there; we will see it when we stop scrawling over it. Happiness and love is already there as well. We simply need to quiet our minds and open our hearts to accept it.
How completely different this is from what the world teaches! We're generally taught that our lives are empty canvasses – or open landscapes. It's up to us to create (or find) whatever we want to fill the blank space. And yet many of us end up profoundly disappointed, even when we find or create exactly what we thought would make us happy!
The Course has a different teaching. It says that a divinely-inspired happiness is already there, waiting to burst through into our awareness. This happiness is neither created by us, nor something that we externally seek for. It is given to us freely.
And yet, this happiness needs an opening. It waits for us to lay down our interfering activity – our egocentric desires, our self-concepts, our discordant thoughts of any kind.
The glorious masterpiece is waiting to reveal itself – a masterpiece that unfolds from moment to moment in an unending experience of beauty. But we cannot see it while we write our own version on top of it. It requires us to quiet our own interfering activity, and become peacefully, openly receptive.
Quieting and Opening
In order to support this process, there are some rather unusual practices that A Course in Miracles lays out in its workbook. Several of the earliest practices involve looking around ourselves and saying, in effect:
I do not know how to look at this [thing, event, person].
I do not know what it means.
I do not know how to respond to it at all.
To many people, this sounds rather silly. To look at a familiar object, person, or event and say, "I don't know what I'm seeing" seems bizarre. And yet, this is a way of setting down the paintbrushes that we are using to obscure the masterpiece. It releases the old perceptual frame. It quiets the interfering activity of the mind.
Having admitted that we don't know how to look at the world before us, we can then turn to a new way of seeing. We may say something like:
If there is a masterpiece before me, I would like to see it.
I wish to see the beauty in this [thing, event, person].
I am open to experiencing a sense of divinely-inspired happiness and love.
We then become receptive and inviting of a new perception – a new experience of the world before us. This, says the Course, is all that is asked. We quiet our own interference, and open to the masterpiece that we had been obscuring.
Readers of my newsletter know that I often reference Joel Goldsmith, a twentieth-century spiritual healer. Joel's great insight was that he – as a healer – needed do nothing except cease his own interference to healing. He didn't have to "create" healing. He simply needed to give it room to reveal.
In his practice, he would become quiet, open, and receptive to an experience of the masterpiece. And he would invite his patients to join him in this experience. His only job was to welcome that experience of the divine – and this process was enough to bring healing to thousands.
The Course says that we too can become open and receptive to a new experience. We can see the divine masterpiece; we can hear the inspired song. It is there, every moment, for the welcoming – regardless of how many layers of interference we have laid over it.
Nor do we have to wait to experience it. We can lay down our interference for one "holy instant" at a time, starting right now. Even a momentary glimpse at the masterpiece will inspire us – a single moment without any interference. A moment in which the mind quiets, the heart opens, and a new, lovely vision arises.
Let me now share a couple of questions that I sometimes receive on this topic:
Q: I do try to quiet and open my mind when I meditate. But it's usually anything but peaceful. It seems that when I try to quiet my mind, it just gets more agitated. Are there any other ways to practice this type of thing?
A: Meditation or receptive prayer is certainly a primary way of laying-down the interference of the mind, and opening to that experience of the masterpiece. However, it's not the only way.
One parallel practice in the Course is to look around at the people in your life, and do a similar release-the-old and receive-the-new perceptual shift. You might, for example, identify the thoughts that you hold toward a co-worker. Thoughts, perhaps, like:
"She's kind of a complainer."
"She's not the type of person I trust."
"She's always looking out for herself."
Those are obscuring thoughts that interfere with the perception of her spiritual worth, beauty, and glory. Those are the scribblings laid over the masterpiece. You might then look at this same co-worker and say:
I have no idea how to look at this person.
I am willing to lay down every thought I have about her.
I do not wish to project my own thoughts upon her.
And then quietly, openly, receptively welcome a new perception of her – a perception that reflects the spiritual masterpiece that she is.
For people who have trouble sitting quietly in a meditation-style activity, this interpersonal approach can be more accessible. See Workbook lesson 78 (or 121, or 134) in the Course for a similar practice.
(Incidentally, when A Course in Miraclestalks about "forgiveness," it's referring to this divinely-inspired shift-in-perception type practice.)
Q: I agree that seeing things differently is important. However, how does that translate into dealing with the practical issues in your life – real-life issues like your job and your relationships?
A: Seeing the masterpiece is essentially an inner shift in vision. But that shift can yield profound changes in thoughts, feelings –and actions.
Many people read the Course as essentially promoting a change in perception. However, that perceptual shift isn't without echoes. The Course refers to possible "action aspects" of the shift – and it encourages us to allow the new perception to guide us actively in our lives.
As we see the masterpiece, we may simultaneously receive inner guidance on actions to take regarding our jobs, our relationships, and other aspects of our lives. Seeing the masterpiece isn't a passive experience. It opens us in a dynamic way to new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.
Thank you, as always, for your interest in my newsletter. I invite you to share it with any friends who may be interested. And I welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.
Dan Joseph
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Eternal Love and Third World Order via @TrendsetterEnt

With a passion to illuminate minds and elevate consciousnesses music was the perfect outlet for this revolutionary artist.  Armed with a Diploma in Audio Engineering & Production from Pacific Audio Visual Institute of Vancouver B.C. Canada the underground hip hop artist David "Eternal Love" Gutierrez founded Third World Order Productions and 4th Dimension Studios in 2006.  Being an artist himself he has worked with many artists locally and around the world in the hip hop, latin hip hop and reggae scenes.  He records, edits, mixes and masters his own music as well as the music for many artists from Vancouver and around the world.  His Third World Order Productions and 4th Dimension Studios not only offer recording, editing, mixing and mastering services, but also offer songwriting services, vocalist services, and beat production services swell (whether in house or not).  

With 3 mixtapes and 2 albums under his belt he released his 3rd solo album Guardians Of The Earth April 23rd 2011.  Having consciousness awakening and mind lifting lyrics ripping up hard hitting hip hop beats and grooving reggae/hip hop infusions while accompanied by many of the best artists in the underground hip hop genre including; Diabolic, Chino XL, Prince Ea, Hasan Salaam, and Da Circle he is quickly on the rise to make a change not only in the hip hop game but in life in general.  Currently he is working on a world wide project he put together that unites artists from indigenous nations around the world to bring about awareness of the effects and oppression that colonization caused and how it still goes on and affects us today.  Aside from that project he is leaving to Latin America for the next few months to go record his 4th album "Cacique Mestizo".  It will be a Spanglish (English and Spanish mixed) album but will be aimed more towards Latin America and the latin hip hop genre as opposed to his prior albums.  

For more information, albums, and free mixtapes visit…
Contact For Booking and Studio Services:
BBM: 2581796C

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BOOLA “Cut From A Different Cloth” The Album


Multi-Platinum and former Roc-A-Fella Records producer BOOLA has been releasing material to 
music fans via the internet. The critically acclaimed  "Produced by Boola"  music series
presented by YouheardThatNew.Com  and "Life of a Dynasty" presented by VIBE Magazine
have collectively garnered over 10 million online, print and video impressions worldwide making both independent releases enormously successful.
Having produced songs for Grammy Award winning singer/song-writer Ne-Yo to 
Hip-Hop legend Nas, Boola is now slated to release his first solo album as an artist entitled, 
"Cut from a Different Cloth" entirely produced by Boola himself. The highly anticipated visual-digital debut album "Cut from a Different Cloth" is scheduled to release late  May 2011 enjoy the link.

BOOLA - Victory Trailer
ft. Skye Townsend


TARIK  Baker

Social Media Consultation
VM Enterprises

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Wednesday, May 4

VIDEO - @MusicbyBoola Ft. Nicole Wray "Come Home"

In anticipation of his debut album "Cut from a different cloth"
set to release in May 2011 Boola presents a video for his
smash song "Come home with me" featuring Nicole Wray 
from the "Produced by Boola" series.
Shot in New york city Boola gives you a glimpse of whats to come
 with this melodic tune with some help from a sexy co-star. 
Be on the lookout for more CFDC album content in the up-coming
weeks and follow Boola on twitter @BOOLAGOTBEATS.

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Professor Z, Mad in America: Capitalism--A Bad Idea, Badly Done

Professor Z, Mad in America: Capitalism--A Bad Idea, Badly Done

 “Clearly even Capitalism and its profit motive exists to enslave the masses and enrich the few. Lenin would be so proud.”

Professor Judah
Zelig is a character in my forthcoming novel, The Once and Future Wizard: The Awakening. Coming this summer from
All Things That Matter Press. Read more about it on my website,


Professor Z is a
college professor who discovers that he is the reincarnation of Merlanu and he
has a special destiny to awaken his fellow god-humans, but first he must awaken
and remember himself. Even before that awakening, he had a desire to see a
world that was far different from the one he lived in; and he taught and spoke
about this world. These blogs were taken from a series of mini-lectures to
promote his proposed class “The New American Kibbutz: It Takes A Village To
Save America” by the Professor’ In them you will hear the voice of the
Professor “crying in the wilderness” to prepare for what is to come. 


Last time we learned that there is an example in the
world of a network of communities that has not only survived and thrived but in
the process managed to affect an entire nation in spite of incredible
challenges and hardships. We learned that some of these communities bring in
millions and billions of dollars using a system of Socialism that most people
believe was a total failure. Apparently we were mistaken. The Kibbutz in Israel
is our example. And just as they are changing and adapting, I think you will
see that with just a few more changes, we can make this a powerful instrument
of social change here in America.


But I want to first look at some “isms,” and try to
show you that words like Socialism are not to be feared. Just as there are various
forms of Democracy, with some more successful than others, there are various
forms of Socialism. And I propose to show that the ideal form has only been
hinted at in the Israeli Kibbutz and still has great power and promise for a
future Earth that not only cares about people, but also about our planet and
environment. If you can find fault with this goal, then I challenge you to
present another goal that doesn’t have an ultimate outcome of raping both the
people and the planet. If you find fault with the system I propose, then I
challenge you to present another one that doesn’t end up raping our people and
our planet. You may be able to, and if so, kudos, I will jump gladly on your
bandwagon. My only requirement is that it is a system that allows the
individual to have the full rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness without taking that right from others.

first establish some terms. This intention here is to provide a very basic view
of these very complex terms. For that matter this entire discussion of the
concept of Spiritual Socialism is also only an introductory look at what I hope
will be an ongoing discussion to create this new socio-political-economic
philosophy. So let’s compare terms based on definitions found in Wikipedia.
There are really only two systems in prominent use in our world today,
Capitalism and Socialism. Communism like Democracy is more a political system
that primarily uses one or the other as its economic system. Capitalism places
control of the “market” in the hands of private individuals operated for
private profit. The primary if not only motivation is profit. The manipulation
of goods and commodities is solely to achieve that end. Socialism places
control of the “market” in the hands of the public and common ownership by all.
Motivation in this system is not for profit but for the public good.


we look at the definitions and accept that both will operate exactly as stated,
I doubt there would be much argument by the vast majority of people in the
world today that Socialism is the fairer and most human system. Here’s the rub.
The “market” is the use of resources, production and labor to create and
deliver material goods. In Socialism, all laborers are awarded equally those
goods produced. But in a typical society there are those who for physical or
emotional reasons just don’t work as hard as others. So should they be given an
equal share in the products that others have worked so hard to create?  Hold that thought.


claims to provide the solution by awarding those who work the hardest with
greater profits, but is that really the case or the goal? In a recent study by
Timothy Noah published at based on a work by Princeton’s Paul Krugman
income distribution in the United States is moving with alarming speed into the
hands of  a few of the very wealthy
elite. In 1915 the “richest 1 percent accounted for about 18 percent of the nation's income…. Today, the richest 1 percent account for 24 percent of the nation's income.” This trend does not seem to be
changing. So clearly, the truth is that no matter how hard you work chances are
99% of us don’t stand a chance to achieve wealth and success, but rather to be
born, live, and die in the same or worse economic place.


Capitalism in America began with
great promise creating a new class of Americans, the Middle Class. It appeared
that Capitalism in this form allowed so many to achieve the American Dream of
hard work providing great reward. However, history shown that the upper one
percent had no intention of letting this continue. Ironically one such
institution that was created from the American Dream, Wal Mart is directly
responsible for eliminating many middle class businesses in its drive to storm
the hallowed halls of the upper one percent. They were successful but at the
cost of many financial lives. This, I believe, demonstrates very clearly the
goal of Capitalism. It is not to enrich all hard working people, but the few
that are willing to pay any price to achieve the top and those other few who
have been at the top for a very long time.

the United States, we are taught that Capitalism is good and Socialism is not,
but is there really much of a difference between them? Moreover, of course both
groups consider Communism evil. Again, let’s look at the difference. Communism
claimed it was a revolution of the people to overthrow the elite oppressing the
poor. It never quite worked out that way as those in power only paid lip
service to this ideal to force the majority into the working class enriching
those in the ruling class. It traded one aristocracy for another. It used fear
and terror to keep the masses from questioning or demonstrating for change.
Capitalism on the other hand clothed in the respectability of Democracy claims
it is creating a better world where everyone has an equal chance to be
successful. It is based on a profit motivation and by its very nature presents
a goal that does not favor the majority. For those who prosper the most
naturally begin to make certain that they can retain and control the profits.
We see the natural result of Capitalism in effect in America today. Capitalism,
instead of using terror and violence to cover its real nature, used propaganda
and the media to dull our senses and keep the working class mesmerized into
believing that wealth is possible while not seeming to care that we can’t
achieve it. Propoganda tells us that we must work hard to make a profit and
that only if we make a profit can we buy those things that the propaganda has
convinced us that we can’t live without. For awhile they even allowed the
wealth to flow to the people creating a Middle Class. These became small
business owners, but the upper class made certain that very few moved beyond
this point. When the middle class began to proliferate controls like taxes and
inflation and credit were introduced to lure these to spend beyond their means
and eventually to lose what they had gained. Small businesses had to rely on
getting their goods from those with the true wealth and were always controlled
by the system. Again as in Communism, the goal is to create a working class
willing to work for less and less in order to increase the profits of the very
rich. The end result of Capitalism and Communism in that sense is exactly the

The basic meaning of Capitalism is a system allowing private ownership and
control of products, goods and services and the motivation is always that
person’s profit. In and of itself, this may seem like a good thing and so many
would still argue that it is. The problem is that for Capitalism to work not
everyone can profit. And as Capitalism evolves the natural evolution is to
fewer people who own and far more who are owned. One of the commodities in
Capitalism is always the laborer. The less this laborer is valued the more
profit that can be made until eventually Capitalism degenerates into a
Plutocracy where there are the rich who rule and the poor who work. The middle
class gets squeezed out. This is a simplistic explanation, I know, but the
evidence of its truth surrounds us. Wal Mart’s goal in coming into a community
is to eliminate its competition. This competition is the Middle Class operated
businesses. The irony is that this elimination of the Middle Class creates a
greater market for Wal Mart who primarily sells to those with less income. Pure
genius since the most often heard defense of Wal Mart is that it provides goods
for the less well-off and jobs for the unemployed. Yes, that’s because Wal Mart
has created this situation. You can see this to varying degrees in all
corporations. We can also see this in our political system. It is virtually and
maybe completely impossible for someone without wealth or access to wealth to
run for a political office.

As these increasingly fewer numbers of wealthy owners of Capital grow in power,
they must also be able to control the production and distribution of money. If
you study the history of the banking industry in England and Europe and their
securing power in the newly formed American Colonies and what is happening
today, you get a pretty clear picture of how important and powerful these banks
have become. They have literally created situations that produce recessions and
depressions in order to secure a labor force for business that is willing to
work for less and thereby creating more profit for these wealthy corporations.
Do you doubt this? Watch the video, “The Secret of Oz” and check the facts.

Since politicians exist on the kindness of the wealthy, there is little hope
for help from them. We must turn within to see that hope. This is the power of
communities. They enable individuals to come together to create a place that
restores the dignity, self confidence and self love that we have lost along the
way. It begins with a few people who pull themselves out of this vicious cycle
and join together for the common good of all. Here is a place that allows
individuals to once again know their worth and their power. Here is a place
that can truly say:

“….We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that
among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure
these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers
from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government
becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to
abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such
principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most
likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate
that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient
causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more
disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by
abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of
abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to
reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to
throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future

Community becomes that new Guard for the future. It is a peaceful revolution,
but a revolution just the same and the end result is to restore the greatness
and truth that our nation was founded on.

of these ‘isms have at their source a desire to accumulate material goods as a
means to happiness. If it worked, we should see America as the happiest place
on Earth. I think we can all agree that is just not the case. Crime, suicide, ill
health, depression, and mistrust of one another is as high or higher here than
most anywhere else.


even Capitalism and its profit motive exists to enslave the masses and enrich
the few. Lenin would be so proud.

the acquisition of material goods has not proven itself to bring happiness what


I believe if we are to
ever achieve a world that isn't based on greed and acquisition and crushing our
neighbors, it will be through the effort of small communities leading the way.
It is the village not the city that will hold our future. Cities are a
reflection of a world in need. The Industrial Revolution created the need and
greed perpetuated it. It is time for another revolution. This will be a
Spiritual Revolution to deliver us from the bondage of this needy world. This
world that teaches we need to possess. We need to own. We need to control. We
need to consume. And we need to look out for number one. This is the legacy of


Next time we will look at
Socialism past and present with the help of one of the greatest philosopher and
prophet of all time, Martin Buber.


I am providing
transcripts of these lectures. Feel free to distribute them and remember there
is no power on earth greater than the love within each one of you.

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Sunday, May 1

Healing through the Akashic Records

Alexander cuts the Gordian Knot, by Jean-Simon...

Healing through the Akashic Records



Linda Howe



The journey of a
seeker usually means a solitary journey or path that must be taken by
one’s  own self. It gives the
individual seeker an ability to see for themselves the many merits or not of
various teachings that are being presented as such. Once the path being
evaluated is recognized as worthwhile, the individual must act, ultimately by
him or herself.  Many times it is
met with many, many trials that must be faced and mastered before the Truth
will emerge. There really doesn’t seem to be any other way. 

The initial attempts
help create an inner fire or determination to a point where nothing but the
truth will ever quench one’s inner thirst. Many times the very ones we wish to
help end up wounding us.

Linda Howe has
written a new book that perfectly resonates with the many truths that my own
individual life reflects. It seems that her life of searching and discovery
parallels mine on several different levels. I particularly like Section Three,
“Our Sacred Wounds as a Pathway to Peace in Our Relations with Others.” We seem
to have been able to come to the same passageway that speaks some of the same
inner truths. She talks about her own personal breakthroughs into the spiritual
realm that have helped her come to terms with her own life, her struggles, and
her insights about this quest or healing journey we both seem to be making.

My life has also
included personal breakthroughs into the spiritual realm and my own attempts to
rectify the many, many wounds I too have had to endure. I have written other
articles about this in other formats. It seems as if fate has led me back into
Linda’s territory with her healing work through the Akashic Records.

For those of you who
might not be familiar with the Akashic Records, they are supposed to be the
repository of every created beings life story, from the moment of creation.
Edgar Cayce was well known for his ability to travel to this Hall of Records
while in a trance state. Many of his readings were the result of people seeking
cures for physical ailments. There were many other readings for a wider variety
of questions that have to do with one’s own spiritual growth and one’s own
world viewpoint. By being able to find and access this storehouse of wisdom and
love is a way to help each and every person begin to unlock the door to the
many mysteries of ones own life. It also helps one face the fearful
ramifications that come up when confronted by one’s own inner wounded ness.
Linda and I have both come to realize that the true significance of facing
these issues can be used as to create an internal bridge back to our inner
Divinity, a passage way. A passageway created in order to help serve others.

I think there are
many dimensions at work here. One thing that I think is key here is where the
seeker discovers through experience, that one’s own pathway is blocked because
of an inner obstruction, a wound. I’ve heard a long time ago that is compared
to a Gordian knot, something that internally resisted and fights to the very
end any attempts to help unravel it’s inner mysteries. It seems so unfair to
the many of us who are facing this very dilemma need to face up and experience
the same painful experience for a second time. Cayce has already stated
somewhere that ultimately the reason for our diseases was the separation that
we have back to the Source. Part of this adventure is to learn something about
our Divine heritage, to reconnect with this inner source of love and life.
Another part seems to be able to learn how we must be all begin to heal
ourselves, so we can regain our Innocence and our Oneness.

Linda states so
simply, directly and eloquently how we need to create a safe non-judgmental
space through our work in the Akashic Records. It is a beginning to unravel our
own “Gordian knot.”  Everything can
be transformed. We create a pathway where these healing energies can create a
bridge back to our Oneness. We learn to trust this process to a very real point
of not being too phased or frightened of what comes into our awareness. We are
able to release more and more of our inner wounded ness. We forgive. We become
lighter in our very being. We regain the senses of our Divine nature; we love
and learn to live in gratitude, grace and gratitude for what we have learned.

There was a movie
made in 1968 that illustrates some of our Divine nature and it’s healing
effects. The movie was, “ 2001, A Space Odyssey”, by Stanley Kubrick. Towards
the very end of the movie, David Bowman the astronaut, finds himself as an
aging old man laying in bed before which one of the monoliths appear in front
of him. As he reaches out to it he becomes transformed into an embryonic baby
floating peacefully back towards Earth. “It’s full of light!” Whenever I try to
illustrate to the uninitiated what it’s like to become living in an illuminated
state, that is what comes to mind. We become reborn, younger, innocent. The
Akashic Records is just one of the many lights we can learn to access for our
own growth, spiritually as well as healing.

I mentioned earlier
that I had tried out Linda’s prayer method to gain access for myself. I was
excited when her first book came out. I have spent several years obtaining a
Certificate of Spiritual Mentoring through Atlantic University, the ARE’s
educational branch in Virginia Beach. I had been creating my own pathways into
some of my own wounded character. Her writings and practices meld quite nicely
into this format I have created for myself. Some of my transformation and
healing have been patterned after the Saturnian/Uranus/Chiron passageway, the
“wounded healer.” As I continued on my own healing journey I’ve been given a
second chance to begin using the energy of the Akashic Records again. They are
like a “muscular bubbling brook” that is tumbling down into Earth plane for our
own healing. Like the monolith, there is a healing sphere of many influences
that is presently surrounding our physical planet that is shaping and
transforming our lives and world as we speak. All we need to do is to learn how
we can all help to restore our brothers and sisters natural state of unity, to
become Love and Light unto each other once again. Peace…


   “He leadeth me beside the still
He restoreth my soul:”

Psalms, KJV


       I agreed beforehand to write
an article after reading her new book. I have no financial stake and have only
wish is to be able to share my own thoughts freely. Thank you for your

Click the link below to read the entry:

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Rain & Ty Nitty - London 2 QB (Free Download)

South West London rapper Rain has been some serious moves with a string of well received releases under his belt, as well as support from DJ's such as Ras Kwame and DJ279 as well as having radio-play from BBC Radio One, BBC 1Xtra, Choice FM and Kiss FM. Now Rain teams up with Queensbridge rapper Ty Nitty from Infamous Mobb for this full length release.

This project features some seriously hefty tracks with production from the likes of Chad B (50 Cent, G-Unit, Nore, Twista), multi-platinum producers Tha Biznizz (Lil Wayne, Drake, 50 Cent), as well as Vinny Thunn, Abstract Freek Can Workum, Onelovebeats, X.O, and more. This is a heavyweight UK/USA banger that should be on your summer playlist!


01 - Double L Movement (Produced by Tha Bizness)
02 - No Movie (Produced by Chad B)
03 - Like Boss's (Produced by Vinny Thunn)
04 - Ty Nitty (Skit)
05 - Tatto Ty And Rain (Produced by Vinny Thunn)
06 - Nothing Realer (Produced by Abstract)
07 - Cant Stop Wont Stop Feat. Money Mayhem (Produced by Vinny Thunn)
08 - All This Paper (Produced by Freek Van Workum)
09 - Rain (Skit)
10 - We're Crazy (Produced by Onelovebeats)
11 - We Go Hard (Produced by X.O)
12 - Outro

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