Wednesday, July 28

[mp3] Latest Music From DJ Bless's Underground Hip-Hop Monthly Round Up {7/27/2010}

Digital 12inch
DJ Bless Presents
Papa LQ aka Kenny Kingpin
"Let The Streets Tell It"
Track List
1. Let The Streets Tell It (Radio)
2. Let The Streets Tell It (instrumental)

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Tuesday, July 6

Never So Deep Records Releases Digital 12inch on R&B/Hip-Hop Crooner Dwight Anderson

“Debut single “We’ve Come To Far” features Donnie Darko”

Digital 12inch
Dwight Anderson
feat. Donnie Darko
"We've Come To Far"
Produced By DJ Bless
Mixed & Mastered By Cyllistic  
Track List
1. We've ComeTo Far (Clean)
2. We've ComeTo Far (Canadian Edit)
3. We've ComeTo Far (Main)
4. We've ComeTo Far (Inst)
5. We've ComeTo Far (Acap)

iPhone Ringtone
"We've Come To Far"

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