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Knew Eyes - The Keys To The Kingdom

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Knew Eyes started making music back in 2003 when he attended a course at Music College. He started making beats for other artists before picking up the pen to write his won material. Inspired by the likes of Gift Of Gab from Blackalicious and Immortal Technique, this talented Bristol MC was also an integral part of the group The Insurgents who got 'Underground Track Of The Year in 2007' on Vogue FM. With a positive response from leading websites such as Truth Music Directory and Real Hip Hop Forever, as well as The Anti Injustice Movement helping him to spread his tracks worldwide. Knew Eyes latest project is a nine track mini album entitled 'The Keys To The Kingdom' which features MC Moonie, Secret Agent Music and Ryan Inglis. This is UK Rap with originality and a sense of adventure!
Knew Eyes - The Keys To The Kingdom
01 - Intro
02 - Fresh Perspectives
03 - Taking Back Music Feat. MC Moonie
04 - Ringtones 1 (Skit)
05 - Damned Be The Damned
06 - It's Something
07 - The Cranium Feat. Secret Agent Music
08 - Ringtones 2 (Skit)
09 - 4 Walls Feat. Ryan Inglis

+1 (848) 628 4873 [4TSE]

The secret to happiness is

Matt and I were chuckling the other day about how beautifully, wonderfully diverse all of life is, and how everyone and everything is always somehow, ultimately, loved and cherished. For every piece of clothing that exists, there is a happy buyer who is thankful that someone else has passed it up. For every flavor created, there is someone who doesn't care for it, just as much as there is someone who loves it. For every form of art, there is a critic and a fan club that exist simultaneously.

With a gloomy, depressed outlook on life, we can sometimes forget that our own fan club exists. We can focus on the one critic, and overlook our closest loved ones and even complete strangers, who are willing and able to shower us with affection. We even forget the power and availability of our own love to give to ourselves. When we lose ourselves in the personal roles and responsibilities of life's play of form, the events of our day or "momentary circumstances" somehow puts a veil over our deeper knowing. When this occurs, we quickly forget that our happiness is not at all tied to being seen or heard in the world, to whether or not others are in agreement with us (or we are with them), or whether or not things seem to go our way.

In a nutshell, true happiness spontaneously arises out of our willingness to openly appreciate all aspects of ourselves and others - one moment at a time.

Every time you find something to appreciate, you are one step closer to allowing the heart to burst wide open and feel safe enough to freely receive the gifts of life's greatest joy, as reflections of what your newfound generosity effortlessly inspires in others.

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Thursday, January 27

I Am Music 2 Tour - After Parties Available

That's right promoters the biggest tour in the country is accepting after-parties for Rick Ross and Travis BarkerThese dates are going fast because these are guaranteed sell-outs for any venue. It will be thousands of patrons out after the concert looking to party so why not have the official after party in your city. Check for the dates below. For rates and availability call 848.628.4873.


March 2011
March 18, 2011: Buffalo, NY, HSBC Arena
March 19, 2011: Columbus, OH, Nationwide Arena
March 20, 2011: Baltimore, MD, First Mariner Arena
March 23, 2011: Hampton, VA, Hampton Coliseum
March 24, 2011: Cleveland, OH, Quicken Loans Arena
March 26, 2011: Philadelphia, PA, Wells Fargo Center
March 27, 2011: Long Island, NY, Nassau Coliseum
March 30, 2011: University Park, PA, Bryce Jordan Center

April 2011
April 1, 2011: Chicago, IL, United Center
April 2, 2011: Detroit, MI, The Palace of Auburn Hills
April 3, 2011: Washington, D.C., Verizon Center
April 6, 2011: Miami, FL, Bank Atlantic Center
April 8, 2011: Greensboro, NC, Greensboro Coliseum
April 9, 2011: Atlanta, GA, Philips Arena
April 10, 2011: St. Louis, MO, Scottrade Center
April 14, 2011: New Orleans, LA, New Orleans Arena
April 15, 2011: Dallas, TX, American Airlines Arena
April 16, 2011: Houston, TX, Toyota Center
April 19, 2011: Phoenix, AZ, US Airways Arena
April 23, 2011: Anaheim, CA, Honda Center
April 24, 2011: Oakland, CA, Oracle Arena
April 26, 2011: Sacramento, CA, ARCO Arena
April 28, 2011: Edmonton, Canada, Rexall Place
April 29, 2011: Vancouver, Canada, Rogers Arena

May 2011
May 1, 2011   : East Rutherford, N.J. Bamboozle Festival

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Monday, January 24

What does Mind Power even mean?


The term mind power and the subconscious mind power are described in many different ways. In the psychosomatic sense mind power is labeled as ability to have emotions, imagination, memory, and will; and subconscious mind power is labeled as part of the normal individual’s personality in which mental processes function without consciousness under normal waking conditions. 
Mind power is our conscious mind, the way we think. The mind is similar to a constantly flowing spring however a natural spring cannot send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening, nor yield both salt water and fresh. So it is with the mind and its thoughts; it cannot equally think negative and positive thoughts at the same time. One will rule the other.
Since the mind reflects habitual thoughts, it is therefore our responsibility to influence our mind and brain with positive emotions, thoughts and energy as the dominating factors in our mind. Mind power is beyond positive thinking or brain power, it is thinking than believing what you think that will manifest your reality. Since this mind power is power of thought and beliefs, and these thoughts and beliefs will create the outcome of your now, you will want to stay aware to the reflections you are thinking.
Now mind power is a dual system that includes your power of thought(brain) and your subconscious mind. We all have subconscious mind power; it can be as small as smiling at your boss in the hopes of improving the odds of acquiring a raise.
It can be the way you unconsciously handle a situation whether appropriately or not. Power of the subconscious mind comes from the thoughts and beliefs of your the power of the your mind. However you think and believe is what your subconscious mind power will produce. This is done continuously, one minute at a time. Every thought nourished regularly by your mind power will activate your subconscious mind to generate those thoughts and energy whether good or bad into your life. This is how you’re present and future is created.
Your mind power and your subconscious mind work together and they fashion your reality. Let’s use a parallel to help you visualize how this works. Your subconscious mind power is similar to fertile soil that consents to any seed planted inside it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are the seeds which are being continually sown and they will eventually produce a crop. So if you plant weeds you will get weeds, if you plant fruit, you will get fruit. In other words, you reap what you sow. Now the conscious mind is the gardener, and it is the mind power to choose what reaches our inner garden- the subconscious.
Unfortunately, most of us do not have green thumbs because of lack of knowledge of this law, the psychology behind this success and because of this ignorance we have allowed all kinds of seeds, both good and bad, to enter. So our subconscious mind power will manifest failure, ill health and all kinds of misfortunes just as effortlessly as it will manifest success and abundance. However, it cannot manifest it both at the same time, which is why the need to constantly actuate the positive until the fertile soil of your subconscious mind power reaps only abundance.
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Thursday, January 20

Ask Legendary Hip Hop Artist Kool Keith Anything!!!

Kool Keith (aka Dr. Octagon, aka Keith Matthew...Image via Wikipedia

Q & A :

Keith Matthew Thornton, better known by his stage name Kool Keith, is an American Hip hop artist. A founding member of Ultramagnetic MCs, Kool Keith has recorded prolifically both as a solo artist and in group collaborations. Kool Keith is the self-proclaimed inventor of both the 'Horrorcore' and 'Pornocore' subgenres of Hip Hop. Keith is a rapper and record producer whose bizarre lyrical style, hallucinatory imagery and constant re-invention have made him a "Cult" figure in the world of underground Hip-Hop. While Keith started out as a member of the famed New York rap crew the Ultramagnetic MC's, it was his debut album (as alias Dr. Octagon) that shot him to prominence. The Dan The Automator-produced album became a classic and helped spawn a new genre called Acid Rap. Since killing off Dr. Octagon, Keith has written and recorded albums using a number of different aliases, including Dr. Dooom and Black Elvis.

  • Aliases
    • Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis, Mr. Nogatco, Keith Turbo, Orange Man, Poppa Large
  • Albums
    • 1996: Dr. Octagonecologyst
    • 1997: Sex Style
    • 1999: First Come, First Served
    • 1999: Black Elvis/Lost in Space
    • 2000: Matthew
    • 2001: Spankmaster
    • 2003: The Lost Masters
    • 2004: The Personal Album
    • 2004: Official Space Tape
    • 2005: Lost Masters 2
    • 2006: The Commi$$ioner
    • 2006: Collabs Tape
    • 2006: The Commi$$ioner 2
    • 2006: Return of Dr. Octagon
    • 2006: Nogatco Rd.
    • 2007: In High Definition
    • 2007: Sex Style: The Un-Released Archives
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Monday, January 17

Do you still need SEO for your brand?

a chart to describe the search engine marketImage via TrendsetterEnt
Search engine optimization (SEO) is changing brands. While this may seem to be too big a topic for one article, note that we are only going over some advantages of using search engine optimization. Some companies promise big results with SEO and some can give you big results. You do have to remember that, even though Google gets millions of searches every day on thousands of topics, there are hundreds of millions of sites fighting for traffic. So using SEO helps you stand out.
Let’s go over some more advantages.

Increase Daily Visitors

Perhaps the most pronounced advantage of SEO is simply boosting your daily traffic. And not just any traffic, but targeted, pre-qualified traffic. With keyword optimization, you may not double actual visitors, but you should a nice increase in buyers.
It’s a Must Online
Every top brand online uses SEO in some form or another. And more importantly, so does your competition. While social marketing may be a dominant force right now, many businesses are still getting much more by simply bringing in leads via search engines, capturing prospect information and turning clickers into buyers. SEO is still a very important part of any marketing effort.
Reach New Buyers
If you offer a prominent service or sell a unique product, your site is bound to come up in search engines for it as well as your brand name or company. But with SEO your site can come up in the search results for other targeted keywords besides your specific product or brand name. This allows you to reach new, interested buyers who might otherwise have never found your site because they didn’t know your company or product names.
Targeted Results
If you optimize your site correctly, it acts like a storefront where people can walk directly to what they want. Optimizing internal pages to show up in the search results will allow buyers to find the specific products they want right away, rather than entering through the homepage and then having to navigate through your entire site. While this may seem simple, if the buyer sees exactly what they are searching for, it decreases their bounce rate and will likely increase conversions.
SEO definitely dominates search engine marketing, but there are many other marketing strategies to consider online as well. Twitter is a phenomenon, while brands are rising to new heights with Facebook and email marketing is far from dead. When combined, these online advertising forms can be very effective.
by Jen Gelhar
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Saturday, January 15

New Music From Kenny Kingpin Feat. Benny Franks ,Gmalone ,Stone, Star, Yukmouth, Topic ,Roccett

Digital 12inch
DJ Bless Presents
Poppa LQ aka Kenny Kingpin
"Flyboy Boogie"
Track List
1. Flyboy Boogie

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If You Are Looking For
Mixing, Mastering,Video,
Music Production & Music Marketing
Please Contact me via email
Skype: djbless94
gtalk: djbless94
Yahoo: djbless94

  For more music please make sure to visit
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Wednesday, January 12

Set goals and keep them! Here's How...

Step on ItImage via Wikipedia
a step by
step guide to help you use these principles to
manifest anything you desire.

Here it is...

Step One: Define your major goals clearly.

If you don't know what you want, the universe
cannot help you. State clearly what you desire,
state it specifically. Writing your goal in a
form of intention always seems to help.


"I intend to earn $20,000 per month."

"I intend to attract my soul mate into my life."

Step Two: Design a good affirmation for each of
your goals.

Your affirmation must be believable, and must
state the truth. It always helps to use emotional
triggering words.


"I choose to manifest $100,000 dollars Now. I
accept this or something better".

Using the words "I choose" will add extra
believability to your affirmation. Always add, "I
accept this or something better" to your
affirmation. You will be amazed how much more you
will get.

By using the word Now, you trigger your power of
creation, because Now is the only time that
exists, and the only time your can execute your
power of creation. Now is the only time that
manifestation occurs. By saying "NOW", you are
stating the truth. Don't fool yourself by saying,
"but I don't see the $100,000?". What you see you
currently possess is an illusion, you already
have the $100,000 on the energy level, you are
stating the truth.

Step three: Program the affirmations into your
subconscious mind.

Once your subconscious mind accepts the
affirmation as truth, creation happens

You've heard that your consistent thoughts become
your reality. Affirmation is one of the most
powerful ways to make something you desire become
your consistent thought.

To make your subconscious mind quickly accept
your affirmation as a truth, you have to
patiently convince it by telling it the truths
again and again.

Here is the truth you must remind yourself of
every time you say your affirmation.

"At the deeper level, I am connected to the
highest intelligence in the universe, that has
created and will be creating everything in the
physical world. Therefore, I have the power to
create everything I desire at any time. I am the
source of everything. Now I choose to see my
desires manifested in my world."

Step 4: Monitor your thoughts moment by moment,
and keep the state of being.

The mind always has a tendency to think
negatively, this is the nature of human beings;
it is the result of human evolution. This
negative pattern helped us during the evolution
process by keeping us alert to the dangers, but
it has also become our worst enemy on our road to
enlightenment. Fortunately, God has given us an
inner guidance system that will make us aware of
any negative thought. This guidance system is our
emotion system. Any time you have a negative
thought, you will feel a negative emotion. This
is very, very accurate. As you have already
learned, your emotion is your communication with
the universe. Every time you have a negative
emotion, you are mis-creating.

You must be very sensitive to your emotions. Once
you feel a negative emotion, correct it in the
moment, don't let it accumulate; kill the monster
when it is young. Replace the negative emotion
with a positive one by thinking of your goals,
repeating your affirmations, and thinking about
anything you feel grateful for. Then you are back
on track again.

Besides monitoring your negative thoughts, you
should consciously create positive feelings and
emotions. The best way to do this is to keep the
state of being, which means feel that your
desires have already come true, you already have
possession of them. This is the fastest way to
bring your desires into reality.

Step five: Get connected to your higher self
through daily meditation.

Your higher self is part of the ultimate creative
intelligence. It knows how to bring your desires
into reality, but you must give it a chance to
speak to you. The best time you can communicate
with your higher self is at the time of
meditation. Whatever message you get from your
higher self, act upon it immediately. This is the
most powerful assistance you can get. People
always make the mistake of looking outside for
the answers, when the real answer is always
within themselves.

I personally use a japa meditation taught by Dr.
Wayne Dyer
. This meditation really gives me the
joy of creation. You can choose any form of
meditation you want; even just sitting silently
for 20 minutes every day is of great benefit.

Step 6: Surrender.

Each night before you go to bed, surrender to the
universe by putting full faith in it, and let the
universe work on your desires even when you are

Say this prayer before you retire.

"I let the universe take care of all the details
and bring me what I ask for. I am grateful for
this powerful assistance. I trust it 100%."

Implementing this 6-step manifestation process,
you will never have to worry about not having
your desires again. You will truly experience the
joy of manifestation.
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