Social Media Marketing

Growth hacking was first used by Sean Ellis in 2010, when he was looking for a replacement for himself.  Growth hacking is a ‘lean’ approach to achieve growth, focus on low cost and innovative alternatives.  It is a way of pushing boundaries of what is expected or advised, by using creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.  ‘growth first, budgets second’, this approach is typically used within startups, but it is expected to gain traction within Fortune 500 companies.
Your social network will be professionally designed with a logo and a brandable domain name chosen by our marketing team. Our content team will fill your network with videos, blogs, and slideshows that are designed to spark interest and keep your visitors coming back for more.
The marketing team will then go in and place strong calls-to action throughout the network that will drive new sales.

Big Three Optimization
Our design and marketing team will collaborate to create a presence for you on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn that delivers new customers and sales. Each one will be built around a strong call-to-action and will be professionally designed so that the first impression is a lasting one. All three will also be optimized for search within each network. This means that when someone does a search, you will be coming up in the top results.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, and over 80% of the prized 25-44 year old high income demographic are watching videos online. We optimize each of your videos to come up on the first page of search results on YouTube and Google Video. Our designers also create a custom channel on YouTube to match your company's primary color scheme.

Viral Loop Marketing
We have created a proprietary marketing system that delivers an ROI of 5-10 times. Our social media marketing team is able to integrate your list of emails into a Viral Loop that is ongoing and revolving. This means that for a list of 1,000 emails we are able to get your message out to another 5,000-10,000 targeted prospects.The Viral Loop also allows us to touch each person 5- 10 times a month promoting and branding your business.

We use a 6 step process to bring new traffic to your website and brand. We generate millions of potential visitors per day through a network of Social Media Sites. As a result, your website is promoted on the most populated Social Media Networks. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on paid advertising programs for a non-substantial number of visitors you can send over 100s of real visitors from Social Networks to your site for less than several dollars with us. In return, your website receives visitors from Social Networks, your PageRank and Alexa ratings increase, and even your targeted keywords start showing up on engines. 

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