Saturday, November 29

You Answer

You Answer
O savior I ask
Why do at times still I feel lost
I really thought I had it all
Is my head too big
Am I egoing you out
You are all I got
Yet at times I feel real less
Sometimes I feel forgot
In a whirlwind wind of misactions
Maybe I thought wrong
When i came to you
I thought all my needs were gone
Must I know all you gave me
I still need yet not abuse
I am so thankful and grcious
For you, my family and YOU.

Sunday, November 23

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 328

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 328
Marianne Williamson
Learning to replace the ego with God's will for our lives helps us to understand the order God would give to our lives.

I choose the second place to gain the first.

What seems to be the second place is first, for all things we perceive are upside down until we listen to the Voice for God. It seems that we will gain autonomy but by our striving to be separate, and that our independence from the rest of God's creation is the way in which salvation is obtained. Yet all we find is sickness, suffering and loss and death. This is not what our Father wills for us, nor is there any second to His Will. To join with His is but to find our own. And since our will is His, it is to Him that we must go to recognize our will.

There is no will but Yours. And I am glad that nothing I imagine contradicts what You would have me be. It is Your Will that I be wholly safe, eternally at peace. And happily I share that Will which You, my Father, gave as part of me.

Quote of the Day
"If we go for God, all that is not authentically ourselves will drop. Go for the light and darkness will disappear. Focus on Christ means focus on the goodness and power that lie latent within us, in order to invoke them into realization and expression."

— Excerpted from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Free Tuition

Free Tuition!
While the majority of those graduating college this year will spend the next five to 10 years struggling to pay for the average $20,000 in student-loan debt, senior Joy Lekar is financially focused on something bigger. "My husband and I just got preapproved for a house because we have no debt," Lekar says. "We just got married last year and now we're going to have a house. It's awesome."
Hailing from a middle-class background, Lekar chalks up her financial success to one simple fact: She doesn't pay tuition. Neither does her husband nor any of her 1,300-plus classmates. At College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Mo., every student is proof that higher education doesn't have to come with a price tag.
One of a handful of "work colleges," -- institutions that require students to incorporate work as part of the educational curriculum -- College of the Ozarks provides full scholarships to all students who make it in, and free room and board as well for every student willing to give up summer break. Students enrolled there jokingly refer to it as "Hard Work U."
Instead of hiring outside contractors to manage school-owned facilities, students attending College of the Ozarks each pitch in 15 to 20 hours per week in positions ranging from computer-lab technician to hog-farm worker and receive a grade for their performance and work ethic. College of the Ozarks president Dr. Jerry Davis says that student labor at the school cuts tuition costs by about 25 percent. The rest is subsidized by the school's $300 million endowment as well as by revenue generated from businesses owned by College of the Ozarks, such as the student-run hotel and conference center.
"Students who don't need to be in debt wind up in debt each year," Davis says. "Institutions are partly to blame. Colleges and universities aren't known for controlling their costs. The government is certainly a problem, too."
Davis point out that allocating more money for loans instead of scholarships and work-study funding means we should not be surprised by the continued rise of tuition and subsequent debt.
Where are other free schools?
As more families scramble for financial aid, schools such as College of the Ozarks beg the question, why aren't more schools free, or at least cheaper? Instead of fine-tuning the financial-aid system, could a different business model reduce student debt faster? That depends, says Ken Redd, director of research and policy analysis for the National Association of College and University Business Officers. While free-tuition models might work for schools with nine-figure endowments, most institutions, especially those that rely on public funds, simply don't have the money.
"While the listed tuition price is expensive, it's still far below the actual cost that institutions bear for educating each student," Redd says. He cites a study by the Washington, D.C.-based think tank The Delta Project showing that among public undergrad institutions, tuition accounts for only 51 percent of each student's total cost. At private schools, it accounts for 65 percent and in both cases, the rest is subsidized by school funds.

"Higher education has to pay the cost for providing new technology to students and faculty, health insurance increases every year, and states are cutting their appropriations," says Redd. "Colleges and universities try to keep costs down, but there's just no other choice than to pass those cuts on to students." Redd adds that while institutions as a whole can certainly do more to control costs through sharing resources with neighboring institutions, pushing more online classes, invoking hiring freezes and directing financial-aid funds to lower- and middle-class families, tuition will still increase, especially as markets continue to tank.
Where education and business meet
Instead of relying solely on an endowment, a possible alternative is to increase the tie between education and business. "You could certainly support a university out of the earnings of a Google or an ExxonMobil," says Dr. George Campbell, president of The Cooper Union, a New York City-based engineering college that offers free tuition for all students.
"If you could get the CEO of one of these companies to say 'OK, we would like to support a higher-education institution,' that could work. Alternately, you could get a higher-education institution to develop a business that would generate enough profit to support the academic infrastructure."
To support its 1,000 students and $50 million yearly operating budget, The Cooper Union takes the latter approach. The school's real-estate holdings include an array of residential and retail outfits throughout New York City, the most famous of which is the Chrysler Building, and generate approximately $23 million to $24 million in rental income each year, roughly half the amount required to fund free tuition for all students. The rest is made up in annual fundraising, which accounts for approximately $22 million each year, and the remainder comes from the school's $607 million endowment.
The problem with applying this business model to other schools is that it requires initial startup funds and then years for universities to build up revenue streams in the millions. It requires a different student mindset.
"Many students from a well-to-do background are looking for a traditional college experience, a pretty campus, a relaxed ivory-tower environment with climbing walls and swimming pools and facilities that we don't have," Campbell says. "We attract kids who need free tuition and that's in part because we're a no-frills kind of college."
Instead of focusing on offering free rides, Dr. Michelle Cooper, president of the Institute for Higher Education Policy, a Washington D.C.-based education think tank, says that schools can get the biggest bang for their buck by turning their funds over to students who need them most. "For students whose families can pay for them to go to college, the free-tuition model is not going to be a good investment," Cooper notes. "Over the next decade, we want to see colleges restrain their costs as much as possible and hold low- and middle-income families harmless from rising tuition costs."
To do that will require a combined effort from everyone involved in the financial-aid process.
"It's not as simple as making a new business model," Cooper says. "There are over 3,000 institutions in this country and they all have unique finance policies. When we peel this onion, we have to think about the federal government's role, the state's role, the institution's role and the family's role."
About the Author
Christina Couch is a freelance education writer and the author of "Virginia Colleges 101: The Ultimate Guide for Students of All Ages." Her work can also be found on and Yahoo! Finance, and in Entrepreneur magazine and Wired magazine.

Friday, November 21

Blank page

Blank Page, Blank Page, Blank Page
I feel I should write on your stage
But what do you want
From me
See me
Be me
You say
Here goes I AM
I am
I am
But what will it take for me to focus
Maybe I'll relax my soul
And truly just go with the divine flow
Yes no time exists whenever I go so no
Anxiety, Fear, Hurt, Pain or any negatismo
I am strong, powerful, loving, positive, peaceful, ext., and great
So yes Blank page
I wrote on your divine page.

Black Panther

O bold black panther
You stand calmly with you own
Yet live alone in a world disowned
Where are you now
The light needs you
Yet you scan the darkness alone
Being hunted voraciously sometimes by your own
Are you number one the FBI's list
Why are many rotting in the wake
Some never found in the hot cake
Time now for US to team up
Time now for us to team up
Stand strong in your deep dark skin
We are more now, more than ever before
O bold black panther
Thank You for standing so strong

Young Man

Young Man
Who do you have to impress
To no one especially when they act
Similar to youngns they wack
Grow up and grow like a leaf
Filtering the light of God
Through each being
Grow from strong roots
And you will never fail or fall

Monday, November 17

Internally looking for Eternity

Internally looking for Eternity
As I close my eyes
My heart stills
Then I look into eternity
Realizing everything and anything lies here
Inspiration to focus
I dream to live in pure abundance
Living physically to get metaphysically stronger
I want it so bad
To get it done
But I am smarter now just living easily
It is time, time now to get it going
Like a calm river I am always flowing
So dont dam me
Just because you dont understand me
Impossible is nothing
As I close my eyes and look internally into eternity

Hope (Poem)

Hope is a good thing
Maybe the best of things
For without Hope one can dream not
Yet with Hope one can dream everything
So dream on so we can both hope.

Friday, November 14

Living in Miami, FL. USA

So instead of being limited in my visits to Miami, the universe has made it possible for me to live, work, school and/ or expand my awareness in the beautifulness of Miami. I thank God for this not only because I was asking for change but he/she is always constantly letting me know that IT is real. I want to stay in awareness instead of letting anxiousness, nervousness, or anger creep up into my emotional fields.

So I made a library to continue my "studies". Miami has a lot of libraries so one can get a good book in any area here as their is a whole Miami-dade library system and they are all connected kind of like us once one chooses to be aware of it.

I am going to keep on blogging on "Life Examined- The thinkers thoughts". So keep up and pray up to stay up. Life is a gift guys and gals/ my peeps. SO take any hardship as a gateway to a much needed lesson that you must learn. Stop fighting - your arms to short to box with God, besides you are really just fighting yourself.

O yea that jet poem was on a plane as i always wanted to be on the mile high club. ; )

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Vickens Moscova

Monday, November 10

Righteously Jetting

I am flying right through the sky Y'all
Ready to buy evrything in the sky mall
So much good cool things in it
Things that come from the Holy Spirit
Pretty Girls givin' me all their digits
Ima call them one day while I'm cascading all these riches
I am as rich now as Solomon is but it aint through wishes
Using this God given wisdom just like he did w/ his
SO listen close to my words kids
For it is God and not Vickens who speaks
God seriously loves us eternally, infinitely
So what are you choosing to let go to get on wit him
I dare not say I am as perfect as his son did
Yet I know where my vision is
So let and watch me fly high in my honda personal jet
As I stay greened collecting the finest gems, diamonds and begets
Then cashing 'em in cause its so much more worth it
TO give back while they saying he musta deserved it

1 love Vickens M.

W.E.B. Quote

One thing alone I charge you. As you live, believe in life! Always human beings will live and progress to greater, broader and fuller life.

—W.E.B. Du Bois

Monday, November 3

Hafiz- 14th Century Poet

Hafiz- 14th Century Poet

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,
"You owe
What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the


Langston said to hold on to you
So Ill never let loose of you
When we meet will I BE amazed
Or will I feel like I allready seen you
Deja Vu
In Living grace to let it BEcome before my face.

Haitian Sugar Plant

Ayitian Sugar Plant
I went to Haiti and thought
What can I give back to my strong people who fought
For Freedom and Justice they sought
Then dissimated Napoleans army
I guess I'll go back to my roots
And do what the French orginally sought to use
So I opened up a Haitien Sugar Plant
While giving many jobs so they too can afford to buy into me
But how will they catch up with the rest of the world
If they are just planting sugar cane seeds for me and the rest of the world
So I brought in some of the worlds greatest teachers
Then opened a school in Miamis' Lil' Haiti
So now I am not the only one going back to giving back
So now these Haitiens aren't only teaching me
But teaching the rest of the world how we can all BE
I am going back to Mother Africa like an outsourcing company
God its so cool to really see these dreams
I guess it has always been my destiny to manifest
To bless this great world with what has been inside my chest
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Purple Pen

Purple Pen
I got this pen from a beauty girl
Should I give it back
I think I'd rather hurl
She got such a pretty fine rack
Oneday I think Ima skeet on her tracks
While she laying on her back

BE Wings

BE Wings
You are who you think you are
You see who you want to BE
But what you want to BE doesn't even want to BE itself
So who am I?
One has has to ask themselves
Who can I BE if I really see myself
JESUS was the son of GOD and grew into himself to the fullest
He rarely questioned himself yet was a fool the foolish
People just realize that you need real savings more than a beating heart
Cause once that heart stops pumping you lose heart plus self plus life
Then one can rule the bottomworld with the stingy angel of the dark
That once was but is here negatively unpositively in ones mind
Telling you that you too can't be o so divine
Cause he can't BE, he cant see the greatness
He can't spread wings like love highly unlikely
So what are you to BE or not
Positively living like one should BE or not
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Truth Profits

Truth Profits

I'm at the gate now and I have the keys
Now Im ridin' and chillin in a brand new lamborghini
Its more graceful and faster in here
What have I been doin' all these blessed years
I'm in a movie starring me and deez
With the universe producing and directing for me
I make music for your soul with these poems
So now you have no choice but to listen to me quotes
I been told you God is real
So where you gonna go and how do you feel
Positive and great things are only what I deal
Businesses that are for-benefit while making mad profit for the reals
Prophesing I am so hear me like we are stuck together in a coffin
And realize you too can BE as great as my Word
That come from something we like to call God or the Truth from a prophet
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Future Vision

Future Vision

I can't explain exactly how this works
Something tells me this cant be how to'd or wiki'd
So take it as it comes man
Be glad you are a part of me son
And get up and out your hood
For its good weather all the time here
Chillin in Cabo and England dear
Doing business with people also on a mission
Visiting where saint Teresa was with her vision
One day people will be screaming my name
While I am jewelizing their brains
On some real ish I can't take credit for this
But what backs me up can back you up too in bliss

Above emotions

Above Emotions

To gain control of emotions
Is to not fear Love
To not fear the down ones
Will help keep one above

Love is so sweet
Fear is dispersing to your feet
Walk over it unlookingly
Because your love is for me is so deep

For beauty is more than any can see

Sunday, November 2

This too shall pass...(poem)

This too shall pass

This too shall pass while smiling said the poor man
This too shall pass while crying said the rich man
What defines you defiantly not me said V
But arent we all one said the g
Surely we are said Big G
God bless all the children
So let peace begin with them
Then one day they can teach US
This too shall pass said the one living
So true said the one dying
Please pass on this message said he to she
That through all the trials and tribulations
Everything will eventually pass

Happiness (poem)

I wish I could make you happy
Now I realize my happiness was never enough for you
For me yours makes me smile
Joyousosity can be had through all trials
So realize where my happiness lies
From the great debaters
To the usual haters
You too can find what makes you tick
Dick Cheney was happy being secong in charge
Of americas happiness I am not charged of
Of this world I am not to live part of
So where am I to be apart of
Gods Sons relived through me
Give me a kiss and I'll show you some postive ish
Then we shall speak while Being unselfish

Some poems from myself to you w/ video

Better than thinking,
Better than speaking,
O how I love to meditate in prayer.
O How I love blessings,
Dont you.
Why curse myself?
Life can be better if,
I bless rather then curse.