Friday, August 22

Big Dreams

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Big Dreams- Game

I think its cool how I have a song as the title to my blog today...might do it regularly.

It my time to shine and I will. I am not following the path I have seen before but being carried on my own path laid for me. I will not look down and get down but rather look up and get down with what ever comes my way. Love and Peace been my peeve and is my pet that I will nourish till it grows right before my eyes.

Freestyle poetry 2day

So I have been away you say
To me
I have not been around I say
to me
I say to you where have I been then
I think to myself wondering
Cannot think inside this head but
its ok
I meditate now and look inside
for questions and say
Here are the answers in me before I could even question
So Yes I guess I have been looking outside
in the wrong places all along
I once been yet knowI too can be found
and be greater
than the greatest orgasm times God
by a million and you have the same but greater

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