Thursday, December 10

Pink Elephant Changes Its Name

Pink Elephant Changes Its Name

Following a legal spat over its five owners, Pink Elephant is about to undergo a number of changes; starting with its name. That’s right, our favorite celebrity elephant is officially dead.

Joey Morrissey, who is now sole proprietor, has changed the name of his Chelsea hot spot to simply "Pink." According to the Daily News, Morrissey spent the whole weekend removing the world Elephant from outside the building.

Due to the legal separation, Pink Elephant isn’t the only place undergoing a name change. David Sarner and Bobby Montwaid will be taking overRoom Service and naming it Pink Elephant. Clubgoers are going to have to make sure they have the right address, and name for that matter, when planning their next evening out.

It is also rumored that Morrissey is in talks with the building’s owner about opening a sister club for Pink in 2010.