Wednesday, February 3

Are you interested in helping Haiti rebuild but want to do it in a fun and exciting way?

Charity Print Auction for Haiti #2Image by Angela Rutherford via Flickr

During both events you will be able to drop off goods and medical supplies that will be shipped directly to those on the ground aiding Haiti FOR REAL!

During both events you can expect to have a better than usual time since you know in your heart you are truly helping others by just being there.

You are like, "Where are the events man and what do I have to do to help?" 

All you have to do really is come and have a good time. Be sure to tell your friends about this being that we will have a series of fun events that will directly be funding projects to those in need like tents, cooking, cattle, schooling, and so much more. These people have a lot of rebuilding to do...200 years worth!

After Work Comedy Show - Broadway Comedy Club

a Haitian Relief Fundraiser for - Space 212

I know of events in many areas of the world so be sure to follow the pages I take care of. 

Email me if you would like to collaborate on an event or if you would like to sponsor one of ours.


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