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♫ ♪ * Values to be Happy ♫ ♪ *

A smiley by Pumbaa, drawn using a text editor.

♫ ♪ * Values to be Happy ♫ ♪ *
Be tranquil within. Let that peace and inner joy
radiate through a serene countenance.
A serene face is peaceful, smiling, serious and shows no
any violent emotion.
It's like the surface of a calm lake.

Be regular in your daily habits, in your spiritual practices and
in your work.
Always get up at the same time. Be punctual in your activities.
That will free you from worries and anxieties.
You will do the right thing at the right moment.
Let your words match your thoughts.
Let your actions match your words.
Let there be harmony between your thoughts, words and actions.
Be natural. Speak simply.
Do not twist the words, do not fall into stereotypes.
Be plain. Avoid diplomacy, deception and crookedness.
TRUTH ♫ ♪ *
Be truthful. Fulfill your promises.
Do not exaggerate or twist the facts.
Think twice before you speak.
Speak sweetly. Be precise in what you say.
Do not flaunt your birth, position, qualities or achievements
Remember the nature of all things.
Praises to others. See God in everyone.
Try even the smallest of creatures as your equal.
Irritability is a precursor to violent outbursts.
Watch the mental balance disorders.
Look at the ripples of anger that curl the lake of your mind.
Do not allow them to acquire large proportions.
Then you will reach a state of irritability not, peace and love.
Be calm. Patiently endures insult and injury, the
suffering, failure and lack of respect.
Do not be puffed up with praise, success and honor.
In both situations, keep a balanced attitude.
Works well with friends and enemies.
Never let anything disturb your inner peace.
Peer ♫ ♪ *
Remember that a fickle mind has no chance of
achieve anything.
Awaken your discrimination. Choose your ideal.
Keep it mind.
Do not let your mind away from him even for a moment.
♫ ☆ ♥ ♫ ♪ *  of the Spiritual Path
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