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RUUT KonxShunz celebrates the spirit of prosperity in, musiq, culture and living.  I am your host Quiet Storm and each week Ruut KonxShunz brings you practical words of wisdom and healing in musical form.  Also, commentary and interviews that, sooth the soul and broaden your perspective of Eternal Universal truths!

Ruut KonxShunz is all about looking at common sense issues in new ways, providing inspiring weekly commentary and fabulous interviews with people who use prosperous energy and an uplifting spirit of higher consciousness in all that they do. 
Commentary from Quiet Storm:  

The Way Out Is Within
Ever have an upsetting experience that was a repeat of something you went through in the past?  Do you find yourself asking “how many times must I go through this before I get it?  This is called the vicious cycle.
There are lessons begging to be learned in this kind of scenario but you can be certain the underlying message confronting you is to develop faith in yourself and to trust your intuition.
We all pay lip-service attesting that we do indeed believe in and trust ourselves.  We emphatically insist we do!  Meanwhile, many of our actions and results say otherwise.
We think we must prove ourselves worthy to certain people or groups to be acceptable. In many ways we are taught to second guess ourselves at almost every turn from a very early age even though our life experiences show us in one way or another that we have free will to choose.
Sometimes unconsciously, we send ourselves through great difficulties that actually lead to growth in areas like strength of character, confidence/esteem, or deeper trust in self.  Often times, we are prompted by hard times to let go of belief systems and traditions that keep us from knowing and living our purpose.
Often times, new ideas and ways of looking at things can threaten our ego.  Usually, when this happens, the first thing the ego will do is reject this new information until we have some kind of overwhelming evidence that it is true.  This does not necessarily mean the ego is a stumbling block to us, because its real purpose is protection.  It attempts to protect us until the new thought or realization has gone into the subconscious mind past the ego making it ready for practical use and application.  By the way, one of the best uses for mantras or sitting in different postures is in helping to reprogram the mind beyond the conscious.
Ego can also be a double edged sword.  On one hand it protects us from being susceptible to any and everything; on the other hand, it can be cleverly deceptive.  Case in point, you may have recently experienced a situation that highlighted you should begin to trust yourself more, that you need to be more in tune with what’s true for you and rely less on the opinions of others.
Now, as you face this new experience, you receive some insight as to how to solve an issue or what you should do; but then you get a suggestion from a close friend or relative that points you in a different direction altogether.  This is where your ego may try to disguise itself as the “voice of reason”, admonishing you to be careful, you can’t know everything; just maybe you should take the path of least resistance and follow the advice of others.  And there you are, once again faced with learning to trust yourself; these lessons have a way of repeating themselves over and over until we act like we’ve finally learned.
Now there are those of us whose ego works in the opposite way whenever anyone tries to share something that can make a difference you outright dismiss their views or opinions because you are “All Knowing”.  If you tend to be greedy or selfish your ego will allow you to justify your actions and that “voice of reason” will say ignore what the other person is saying you know best.  Trusting yourself to does not mean “Listen to Nobody” it simply means take whatever considerations and information you need or desire and then choose freely letting your spirit be your guide.  So Uncle Bob and Cousin Sue may have some great suggestions or information when it comes to the final action thank them for sharing and you make the choice freely!
Within each of us lies enormous untapped power.  Going beyond the surface is required if we are ever to access and harness this power.  In fact, I’m convinced it’s more about self knowledge than how much you’ve learned or can repeat.
The culture of ancient Kemet was where that old adage “know thyself” was first extolled and for sage reason.  They knew this as the way to truly be self assured and balanced.  Long ago they observed this was key to the kind of self confidence that enhanced a person’s ability to wisely see what is in their own best interest, recognizing what is meant for you thus putting yourself on the path to highest fulfillment without regrets.
So long as we are having a human experience, none of us can escape dealing with the ups and downs of living.  There is no such thing as flow without ebb, one cannot exist without the other; anyone believing there can be endless growth without experiencing retraction has been mislead and will be sorrowfully disappointed.
It’s understandable that in the midst of negativity, it can be difficult to see how it may be transforming you to greater levels, but the more you practice looking for it, the easier it becomes to see especially during stressful times.  Finding the divinity in life’s ups and downs keeps us from being on an emotional roller coaster with every new change.
Don’t get it twisted though, the ability to find the divinity in the dumb shit, so to speak, does not mean you have to become a doormat in life (if someone’s trying to mug you).  This process is not about becoming stupid to reality but it is about seeing the goddess/god in all things and striving to incorporate or become that with balance.
In closing, if this resonates with you avoid having it become the next thing to cheerlead.  You already know this, you were born with it.
The time is now to go within and seek your inner knowing in all manner of things.  This knowing leads to your ultimate benefit both on the spiritual and physical levels.
Proverb for today: Yoruba
A tree stump never shifts (your inner knowing will never fail you)
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