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Music Business: Marketing, CD Duplication and Cheap Printing

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Hi my name is Matt Turner and I've been working in music promotions for 6 years, running my business Kurb Promotions. I got my start working myspace for many bands and from there moving deeper into internet marketing and providing the complete package for artists to create a presence online at minimal cost.

As my knowledge of internet marketing has grown I've developed several businesses that serve promotional needs for musicians – including postering, cheap printingcd duplication and dvd duplication. Musicians most of all require services for cheap printing and cd duplication because they are having to do things at a smaller scale but can't afford to lose income sources.

Vickens approached me about ways we could collaborate and I suggested that we exchange blog posts, because that way we can put our links to our sites in the blog post to be published on one anothers blogs, and the links from the blog post will help to improve rankings for both our sites in google which is still one of the main ways people discover specialized sites offering specific things to specific tastes and audience locations.

Like a lot of people who move into the music business, I was originally a musician, and I've seen and made all the mistakes. Young artists who think they know how it is are a danger to themselves, while other artists struggle to understand how the new music industry will work in a digital world.

How do you get set up to market your music online? Well we have some simple steps. First you need a website with a blog. Use widgets to embed your songs and use a youtube video as a big part of

Video – even vblog webcam style - are so effective and making an instant connection with a potential fan, but too many artists are not making the effort. It's the same with blogging – if you're not willing to do video and post regular blogs to build an audience, then how badly do you really want it?

You want your video and your music upfront and in peoples face on your website. The point of this is to get people who arrive at the website instantly hearing or seeing what you're doing so that they get to hear you doing what you do before they get bored and go somewhere else.

Usually then I will set up an adwords campaign for the artist, and we also start blogging, and putting out press releases online that include vital links back to the site, which as I mentioned, really help your google rankings, one of the most important ways to get people finding your site.

Once you've got traffic coming onto the site you want to connect with them either using a social network, or preferably, cut out the middle man and contact them directly by email with email updates. Email updates make it easy to sell directly to fans because there's no rules like facebook to get in the way.

At this stage you've got a platform – a website that signs up fans so that you can sell to them - now you've got to be continually producing content – videos, blogs, and pumping those out through social media so that they bring people back to your site, to build your list, to create the audience you need to get your momentum recognised at higher levels of the industry. That's what they want to see, an artist running on their own steam.

So at the moment I am pretty choosy about taking on new clients, I work with both musicians and models, what I'm really looking to do is bring on some interns who are willing to learn from me and take over managing some of the acts I work with while expanding our artist base.

There is plenty of demand for music marketing services, but because the music market itself is so volatile, artists are really looking for industry experience and knowledge that goes beyond hype.

If you're interested in my services or working on gathering experience working on artist campaigns, email me at

At the moment I will be focused on the cd and dvd duplication services, cheap printing and postering we offer as well as moving into video production and marketing. Slowly it is my plan to offer full management services to those artists we feel are ready – if you'd like to keep up with the services we're developing check out out music marketing services blog.

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