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Trendsetter Entertainment Client Testimonials for @VickensMoscova #Marketing #SocialMedia

@VickensMoscova is a social media consultant/analyst with @TrendsetterEnt. In this role, @VickensMoscova leads a team providing all aspects of marketing, including social media, branding and list building. A big believer in home based businesses, @VickensMoscova supports social media.

Before joining Trendsetter Marketing in 2011, @VickensMoscova worked for 10 years for a diverse range of organizations, including Trendsetter Entertainment, CCM Studios and Actors Theatre Workshop. In this role, @VickensMoscova was responsible for online/offline marketing, film editing and TV show production.

Passionate about social media and its possibilities, @VickensMoscova provides marketing services that help small businesses, artists/musicians and large corporations to efficiently brand and market them self online and offline.

@VickensMoscovas’ varied background in sales, event promotion/planning and volunteerism provided the perfect foundation for online/offline marketing/branding.

@VickensMoscova is available for private consultations everyday after 11am, and can be reached at 8486284873 or by email at

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