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#VMEnterprises Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a New U.S.A. Facebook Group Now / 100% Real U.S.A. Active Members +Email Entire Group and More

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a New U.S.A. Facebook Group Now

All members VM Enterprises adds to your group are real people
who are very active on Facebook and 95+% are from the USA! 
Fully Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a New Facebook Group
New groups mean new opportunities!
One of the best publicity methods out there.
Reach members 6 different ways.
1. Unlike fan/like pages you can personally chose who you want in the group. Members who do not wish to be in the group can easily remove themselves with 1 click.
2. Post on your group pages go out as emails to all members.
This is one of my favorite reasons!
3. Having an event? How about the ability to invite all members of your group to your event with 1 click!! No clicking people 1 x 1
4. Once invited to the event you can then email all members directly to their Facebook inbox. 90% of all Facebook members check their mail daily. This is a huge advantage over anyone else who is simply counting on people getting their info by chance.
5. Groups are displayed on the left side of everyone's homepage. Go ahead take a look :)
So your group will be seen daily whether the person goes to your page or not.
6. When you post in the group a notification goes out to all members that appears in the globe button (just left of the upper search bar).
7. When you post in the group a bubble notification arises on the left bottom of the members pages. I'm sure you've seen them and you probably read everyone you saw.
8. If and only if you allow it other members can easily add others to your group! I mean really easy. Just click add members to group a box appears and you type the first letter or two of a friends name and click add.
9. You control who posts on the group page. Some allow everyone, some allow only admins in both cases members are always welcome to comment under posts made.
10. Members don't have to be online when you post to get your updates!
Great addition if you have a Facebook business/like/fan page or not.
You'll love the versatility to know your info is getting out to the members many different ways. No more worrying about if they see your status
when you post it. Your info will be sitting as a few different notifications and don't forget an email in their email account. Or if you went the event invite way an email sitting in their Facebook mail. Either way one way or another your members will see your info.
VM Enterprises Can Create Your Facebook Group For You If Needed at No Cost!
If You Need To Add Hundreds or Thousands of Interested Members We Hope You Consider Us For the Job!
Leave the work to us. You are busy enough. Just sit back and wake up the next day to thousands of new members who are waiting to hear about what you have cooking!
Since each real person has to be invited 1 x 1 by hand cost is higher than our other services but the quality of members is amazing and worth the premium.

Regular cost is $125 per 1000 members 
if you order by July 15th 2012 
Cost is only $99 per 1000

Email for discounted  rates on larger volume and let us know what is important to you and we will customize a special package just for you.
Or call/text 848-628-4873

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