Friday, November 22

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           Benefit Concert For Haiti
                     January 19th
                   Tampa Florida
Healing Haiti Fund is honored to announce an opportunity to partner with 
Jazz For Peace. 

Jazz for Peace is a foundation that raises funds for outstanding nonprofits, entrepreneurs and 
world causes, and has been doing so for over ten years. 

Over the past decade Jazz for Peace has raised 
funds with this time honored event and has used unprecedented achievements in the Arts and Philanthropy 
to provide a Helpful Step Forward to over 800 of the world's most outstanding causes while uniting 
more World Leaders than any other event including Woodstock and LiveAid combined. 
The concert  
Rick DellaRatta, 
the legendary jazz pianist, singer, composer, and 
founder of 
Jazz for Peace & 
special guests. isa 501C3 Non Profit. Your Purchase of Tickets and Sponsorships are tax deductible. 
We are making 50 pairs of VIP tickets available until November 26th.

If you are unable to attend the Event in Tampa we can arrange for your tickets to be donated to Haitian Students at SFU and members of Haitian Organizations in Tampa.

  Proceeds will be distributed to Organizations working in Haiti

                         Save $100 on your pair of tickets NOW
           "as a VIP GUEST OF HONOR! RSVP Deadline: 11/26"
                                      Only $25 per ticket!
You will receive a $100 savings, a VIP meet and greet, as well as rewards that have previously  included FREE food, FREE beverages and FREE gifts depending on the various sponsors - ALL of which will be provided to honored guests on this historic day for our outstanding cause. 
This component alone is often worth more than the total ticket price for the entire evening's festivities!
For additional information please contact:
Ed Koster (914) 886 8505                    
Dr. Jean Paul Bonnet  (973) 670 - 8385   
James Toussaint   (561) 856-7440     
Macki McKinnon  (404) 462-0514  
  Please Help the People of Haiti                                 

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