Wednesday, February 26



1.)   Melanin amount and quality is what distinguishes you from other races
Races are classified according to the amount of melanin their group contains. On one end we have Caucasians with a little bit, on the other end; we have Africans with a whole bunch. Other races such as Japanese, Native American, and Mexican possess melanin in intermediate amounts.

2.)   Our unawareness make us vulnerable to control by others
Melanin has been studied for hundreds of years by those who have none. During that time, never was a Melaninated person allowed to know their findings. Therefore our lifestyles (eating, worship, thinking, etc.) reflect attitudes and actions that can be self defeating (Frying food, wearing sunglasses, drinking milk, etc.).

3.)   Capacity to help others by sharing what you know
Relevant Melanin knowledge enables you to plant seeds for correct decision-making in the heads of loved ones. So that they, and us as a people, take actions leading to our success and well-being.

4.)   Deep knowledge of self
Understanding Melanin and its relationship to the Spirit, mind and body acts to turn on the light switch in a dark room, enlightening you to an extent mainstream society cannot provide. You discover the scientific basis for your connection to the higher power, increasing your psyche skills, and being the best you can be. Furthermore, you will gain stronger ancestral connection by energized DNA activity.

5.)   Provides a fast-lane understanding of sciences relative to you
A deep knowledge of self requires basic understanding of the sciences relative to self, for instance, Light Energy from physics, Carbon, Sulfur and Copper from chemistry, and the brain and spinal column from Anatomy.

6.)   Ability to empower yourself and your community
Familiarity with the care and application of Melanin will enable you to turn up the volume of your Inner-Voice; circumvent your brain and receive powerful messages that counteract the influences of outer noise, sound that are orchestrated by those without your best interest in mind. The beauty of the Inner-Voice is that it insures community bond by speaking the same message to us all.

7.)   Provides a survival plan for the future
The understanding, care, and application of your God-given Melanin provide an all-powerful spiritual resource that no worldly resource can touch. Doesn't matter, germs, guns, money, politics, education and other worldly tools cannot compete with your spiritual resource. For as the ancestors told us, "It is the unseen the controls the seen ".
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