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Falu Enterprises & Elique Media Group, Inc signs Global Digital Distribution Deal with INgrooves Music Group.


Event Thursday, May 29th 2014 @ Hudson River Cafe NYC


Falu Enterprises & Elique Media Group, Inc signs Global Digital Distribution Deal with INgrooves Music Group

Strategy, Design, Development & Marketing Connoisseur, Falu Enterprises & Elique Media Group, Inc Exploded Into A Major Media Magnet

(New York, NY – May 20, 2014) – MsMediaPR  - The Deal Is Done! Falu Enterprises, an Interactive Music Marketing services company & Elique Media Group Inc., a Promotions, Advertising and Events Marketing strategy partner have signed a Global Digital Distribution Deal with INgrooves Music Group.  To celebrate this fantastic venture, a star studded and celebrity packed Red Carpet Extravaganza is set to happen on Thursday, May 29th, 8pm @ Hudson River Cafe located at 697 W. 133rd Street in New York City 10027 .  Doors open at 7pm.

The new deal will provide a global digital distribution platform for future music & videos released by Falu Enterprises and Elique Media.  The event will showcase a sweet taste of Falu Enterprises' roster of artists consisting of innovative sounds of Hip-Hop/Salsa, (Deecoy), Blues/Hip-Hop Rock Band (N Result), Rapper, (Kean Keem), R&B Group, (CM3) and R&B/Spanish Rock & Merengue Maven, (Zeitlin Perez).     

"We are super excited to add this platform to our line of marketing services to be delivered by our companies" quoted President and Founder of Falu Enterprises, Enriz Ramirez.
"Now we are in a great position to deliver and market music world wide".  Louis Gonzalez, VP of Operations & Co-founder of Falu Enterprises quoted, "There's no stopping us now! We now have access to a fantastic delivery system for music through this network and we intend to maximize this opportunity through all available channels.
"We have established a solid foundation for Marketing & Distribution and we intend to continue to grow forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new ventures".  Mr. Jevante Qirashawn, Partner and CEO of Elique Media Group added, "Good music matters and we specialize in providing great marketing services for good music".
About Falu Enterprises & Elique Media Group:
Falu Enterprises and EliqueMedia Group is an Interactive Marketing Management Company that through the use of their Digital Marketing and outdoor media Advertising Agency they target to and execute a viable marketing campaign,  creation and promotion of distribution materials to maximize the result for the need of the consumer. The Companies form a full partnership with PartyZone.US and Butter Beats which compliments the functionality between these entities working together to deliver multi platinum award winning content.  For more information, visit Eliquemedia.com
About INgrooves Music Group:
INgrooves Music Group is a leader in the independent music distribution and marketing industry. The company is comprised of INgrooves Distribution Services, INresidence Artist Services and INgrooves Music Publishing. All divisions of the company work together to provide independent labels, artists and management with comprehensive and customizable solutions for global distribution, marketing & promotion, sync licensing, music publishing and administrative support to maximize their earnings potential and consumer reach in today's dynamic music marketplace. The Company's proprietary software platform facilitates real-time asset management, and via their Client Console, INgrooves clients have total visibility on the status of their releases and access to monthly retail sales reports & analytics.  For more information, visit: INgrooves.com
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