Wednesday, June 18

Yea n what

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So Im here today again and loving it. What do I love ...finally being able to comes to grips with the greatness that I truly am. The more I get on course with the REAL life the happier and simpler I live. I remember when I got my first traffic tickets and how weak I was when coming home. I was blocks from home and felt demolished after received tickets. I thought my life was over. I got a couple tickets and felt like all I had was done with. That is what they want you to think. Fear is the fuel for many people. Do not let fear control you. The other day when I got 5 tickets It was obvious to me I had some newfound strength. I was like smiling cause I knew I could handle it and get over it. LET GO AND LET GOD. That is all one truly can do to lead a successful life.

When I woke that day I was happy for it and nothing was going to bring me down. Even the popo. If you think abut throughly none can hurt you no matter what they think. It all matters what you think and where you get your strength. I get mines from the source, I do not like middlemen. So stay Blessed...We all are. Also check out my website at
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