Saturday, June 21

Change your Life

I would like to thank the higher power for his grace and strength...and to pass it along to whoever reads this and needs this Love.

People always act like they know what is best for you. Maybe they do know what is BEST for themselves. As I was sitting at Madison Square Garden today I realized sometime dire and opposite of how I "usually" thought. There are way to many people on this earth for them to really be destined to do there own thing individually. I am not saying people cannot be there own person but what is that person to be if he is not one or in line with every other person.

One of my favorite reasons for going to NYC is all the beautiful people naturally around. Today I realized not just the pretty women were beautiful but all of US creatures on this planet. When someone with confidence like me talks about how good he or she looks while looking into the mirror he or she is automatically deemed superficial. What if I thought everybody was as beautiful as me and vice versa. That must be another level of big headedness, huh. I think not. When we see ourselves in others, the prince or the pauper, I think then we really can come to grips with what a grand thing life is.

I used to think we were all so much different...that no one been what I been through until I reallyt started readed many different texts again. I have read writings from people that lived 100s if not 1000s of years ago that were dealing with the smae sort of things I deal with everyday. The simpler I chose to live my life the farther back I can go for help. Thanks to all the people that lived and died but were smart enough to write about it to help others on there journey of what as humans call "LIFE".
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