Friday, September 18

Is it too late for Hip Hop as we know it?

The saviour of Hip Hop is here! Where is he you may ask. Who is he? What camp might she be repping?  Can a whole genre be uplifted by one person? Can one person save something a whole race may or may not be attached to? These are all wrong questions to be asking. Maybe asking ourselves, "What is Hip Hop to me?". The Hip Hop Culture has to start looking in the mirror as Michael Jackson has said. (Man in the Mirror.) Us as a whole humanity must do this in essence. Yet we are talking about Hip Hop here and maybe even humanities pure existence and history. 

Hip Hop never died nor will it ever go away is the short answer.  The black man was created first on this planet and most of what we see derived from dynasties in central and east Africa. All this can be researched and youtubed. "Black" have been creating since the beginning of time yet have been left out of history. African-Americans are one of the only groups of peoples who are living in a country which practices beliefs and ways of life foreign to their true ancestry.  Once one realizes that fact they can start and grasp Hip Hop for what it truly is.

Financially nothing can stop this money generating machine.  It still makes a lot of money for the puppeteers and people behind the scenes.  As the record industry and artists adapt they will figure out the new way to create more flowing revenue. So that is not the problem. As we have seen with Rapper/Actors such Ludacris, Snopp Dogg and Ice Cube anyone from the 'hood can train to be an actor and create different revenue streams.

One of the situations at hand is the saturation of meaningless music into the masses ears. I mean the beats sound good and all but what positive information are we really getting?  TRUE African history needs rap and Hip Hop as a teaching tool rather than a get rich quick scheme.  I mean some rappers do spit real truth like Krs-One, Professor Griff and Immortal Technique so we can find that truth we all have been looking for when we choose to dig deeper.  

As I have been studying rap and its roots in African History and World History, at that I can see the real truth in the Afro-Man. For now I am suggesting one youtube Dr. Yosef Ben JochannanMalcolm XDr. Cheikh Anta DiopElijah MuhammadDr. Chancellor WilliamsDr. Asa HilliardDr. Ray HaginsDr. Nelly FullerMarcus Garvey speeches. Just watch the videos as you will be flabbergasted. Then maybe even pick up a book on African history.

The Wllie Lynch theory is as prevalent in Hip Hop as it is within all colonialized cities and countries. The old East Coast, West Coast beef is a prime example of this.  The only way to bring back Hip Hop back to Zenith proportions would be in encourage unification through all the avenues of jobs Hip Hop has created through the years besides being a rapper.  Remember those same rappers could hire you as their account, marketing director or even event promoter.  The sky's the limit, even Biggie knew that. Stop attempting to be mediocre rappers and start doing what you are good at. Leave the glitz and glamor for those with some actual talent.