Wednesday, September 16

Message from Vick the Conscious Promoter

Hey guys this is 'Vick the Conscious' "Promoter" reaching out to you from the Trendsetter Entertainment headquarters out here on the east coast. There is so much I could be speaking about to you today like Kanye and Lil Mama at the VMAs, some parties I have going on this week, the radio show or some political lingo. Yet I'm taking this time out right now to bring some unity to this "game". I am talking about the wack ass sub-promoters being told by there "promoter bosses" to saturate Facebook and other popular online mediums with generic invites and updates.

The way you are sending out messages and party invites is killing it for us real marketers and promoters. As soon as these venues smarten up and hire a marketer/promoter from within, you all will be left with nothing. Sending millions of invites and and status updates is extremely inefficient. So let us come today to figure out a method that not only is better for the patrons but easier for us as well. I know it gets tiresome creating I mean coping and pasting all the info over and over. Youtube Video:

I wouldn't start judging you all here with out presenting some viable solutions. I have been brain-storming from the beginning, so yes I know there aren't options like that easily accessible for us...or are there.

Yet irritating the same people aka customers that we all need is not the way, especially when they slowly start blocking you. I know you think there are always more people to add on you friend list but the waters are definitely able to run dry. (FB = 300 million active users)

Try some of these apps and sites:

Event Invites


Free Event Postings and Marketing

So let's add some variety and make things more interesting. Remeber we have to embrace technology.

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