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Haiti, was this the devils' work?

Map of the African continent.
by Vickens Moscova

Short answer is hell to the yes!

This was a force that only had its own good in mind and not the people of the small nation state. This force sought to deplete the people of anything good in this world. This entity could care less for the people and 'their' resources. The devil wanted those people to be poor and ignorant. The devil sought to take all the abundance off the island and into the materialistic hands of its followers. But if I told you the ones who look like they were providing the most aid were truly the devils that were destroying our land our ancestors fought and lived for, would you believe. What can honest Haitian diaspora all over the world do to help their fellow Haitians rebuild Haiti? First we have to know more of our history to better understand the reasons Haitians were going through such hardships. By the end of this article you will realize even your own part in this and how we can help remedy the situation on the ground.

Its seems like a huge task for us to take on individually and it is! We have people all over strictly blaming Haitians for their place in this Westernized world. Even the tel-evangelist, Pat Robertson, had this to say, "They got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, "We will serve you if you'll get us free from the French." It's a true story. And so the devil said, "Okay, it's a deal." And they kicked the French out; you know, the Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after the other, desperately poor." Even in my own household my white Jesus loving parents would hardly even say the word Voodoo or Vodun. So I know from experience that this is not something that is the reason for Haiti's hardships in being a free and sovereign state in the world. Voodoo is a religion like any other one! With is upside along with the not so upside. Christians and other religions do rituals all day long while reaching out to spirits of the unseen. Matter of fact Haiti is dominated by the works of the Catholic Church. January 12th white Jesus left thousands dead and millions homeless so it cannot be Haiti's faiths' fault.

There are many actual geopolitical reasons why Haiti isn't advancing. A big reason Haiti is the way it is because they fought France for their independence and won it. Another reason is Haiti's self sufficiency was strategically destroyed. Farmers were pushed off their land and forced into slums for Big-Businesses to have their way with the peoples lives. They were no longer defendant on the land and mother nature but the individuals that provided low wage jobs that directly lowered the living conditions of all but the wealthy Haitian "aristocrats".  For god sakes it was designed to be like that after the once slave colony fought and won its independence in 1803. Haiti is the only slave-based society to have the slaves free themselves through sheer will and determination.

The things these slave owners would do to try to stay in power was truly devilish. I don't know how one can hang and slice open a pregnant woman on a farm and expect the "slaves" to just rub it off. The slave owners would do anything to intimidate our ancestors and they revolted hardcore taking the land for any black that wanted to be free in the world. So if you truly believe the superpowers of that day were comfortable with a free black state that ruled itself than you have been truly misled on the reason behind the Louisiana Purchase which created the states many of my readers are from. They not only disliked the idea but wanted to bring Haiti to its knees! The US quickly input a trade embargo and it was not lifted for 60 years until Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.  Haiti also paid France for its losses equivalent to $21 billion today. As of today the relief efforts have raised over $2 billion.

After Haiti became histories only slave state to free itself and declare itself a country it quickly split up into different "kingdoms". For some reason its almost in our blood to be disunited or so we think. We not only have to watch who is coming in house but we have to seriously clean house and spirit. Haiti's leader have succumbed to the west time and time again. That devils trappings are very enticing. In this New age we have to make sure we as a worldly people don't leave people like that making big decisions. For Haiti to rise out of these predicaments in our lifetime or our children's we need to figure out how we can create some heavy investment in the country that dramatically raises the living conditions of each Haitians mind and spirit.

Entities like the Clinton Fund and are finding ways to do it but why can't we. It is time for all Haitians to get thier families in order. Stop the BS and start uniting. As for individuals or even small communities it will be an extremely difficult and arduous task but when we unite as a peoples out of Africa we will see our true power as One Nation.

Haitians need to have control of their destiny and stay a Sovereign Nation and that is a fact our ancestors would rise out the grave to defend. If not she will become a modern day colonial state with NGO's, "Big Businesses" and foreign governments controlling the country through its banks. No to 'modern day colonial' because Haiti can and should stay a Sovereign Nation. If both France and US wanted to help Haiti prosper, they would  have done so a long time ago. It is also said that Haiti has had $2 billion in aid in the last ten years. WTF! That seems to have went to the visiting tourists but who am I to judge!

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