Tuesday, March 9

It time to put the focus on 'Sister Earth',she's ailing!

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It time to put the focus on 'Sister Earth',she's ailing!

    Hey guys, gals and vegetables! It is time we start looking around at whats going on around us and start questioning. Something is happening with sister Earth and we need to come together. Not only are many people jobless and feeling worthless but now Earth itself is in some sort of transition. The main issue here is, are you ready for it? Do you have any closet full of water baller. Stop making it rain and put them 1s back in your pocket. 

    We literally seem to be in those last days we been learning about since childhood and some beings on this planet do not want to see it. I don't know about you but this obvious pattern of natural disasters is making me start to look within. I need to find the truth with this attempted strategic lock down of the web so I have been going into self to find the answers. I have been getting them, thank the universe.

    This recent Chile earthquake did not even let us get over the recent Haiti quake. If this weather weapon technology HAARP is even real then now even Earth is getting into the action. Is it something more sinister than that? What is going on beneath the surface of this planet. This recent Quake literally slowed down time by 1.26 microseconds [millionths of a second].(NASA) Yet this is one of many "natural disasters" slowing down time. Recently going unreported in the news was how in France a huge hurricane is taking some lives. Also going unreported was about how in Australia fish were literally falling out the sky. Why is this not in the news like Haiti was for two days? Could this be some Vodoo payback for the 200,000 lives taken in Haiti and its ancestor freedom fighters of the revolution from France.

    All we need to do is be informed of what truly going on so we can come out of this "recession" even stronger than before. We need to be prepared! With Social Hype you have no choice but to be informed. With great updates and regular contributions by high class writers one sees no reason to delay joining and telling all their friends to as well. So as you check out my posts on the regular expect to get hit with my truths from time to time. I know from experience that even if you did get all the truth at once, your brain would not be able to comprehend most of it! So start your research with my very informative research packed posts!

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