Thursday, March 4

Get to Know @VickensMoscova Series P.1

Philippines - Bohol - Loboc River CruiseImage by Salim Al-Harthy via Flickr
Hey All

My expanding business with Trendsetter Entertainment has been happening the way they should.

My readership has been shooting up greatly so I feel it time you should know who is sending you most of these posts. Guest posts are coming soon so we will be mixing things up.

I had a oracle reading from Ms Blue Rasberry ( last night and boy am I 2 blessed 2 be stressed. All is well here yet I have to get my perfectionism and over-analyzing self in order so I can stop holding myself back. Its cool to always want to do ones best but sometimes the stupidest of things take too much of ones time. Working on it. Man I wish there was an app for that yet there is not.
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