Friday, October 22

What is the force that triggers your reality?


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It is the expectation, based on people's belief system that enables
the individual to manifest situations, events and material objects.

For example, if a person absolutely knows that they are naturally
unlucky then they will never be able to successfully manifest
"luck" events.

Expectation characterizes the belief system of the individual and
portrays the innermost aspects of his or her personality. It
represents the psychic building blocks from which the physical
constructions will be successfully constructed.

Expectations are basically formed from your emotions. If you can
develop "emotional excitement" about potential physical
constructions (such as events) then you will find it much easier to
manifest that which you desire.

Individuals who are temporarily "emotionally burnt out" will simply
not be able to manifest in a satisfactory manner. In fact the
reverse might happen. That is, events that you don't want may

It is therefore vital that you keep in touch with your emotions and
if you should feel yourself becoming emotionally "bogged down" then
it is time to take a break from your everyday activities and give
yourself time to recover. Seth indicates that a person's
expectations are the result of their emotional heritage....and their
own ability to understand and manipulate that heritage.

Each and every individual is constantly receiving a stream of inner
data and the individual will accept data only that is in line with
their personal expectations.

If a person wants to change their fate then mere desire is not is expectation that will cause the manifestation of
desires into reality. It is actually expectation that triggers
inner data into physical construction.

An expectation of success will encourage success, whereas an
expectation of danger will attract dangerous circumstances to the

Expectation is the force that triggers psychic realities into
physical realities.

In Psychic Manifestation, Jim explains how the effects of
consciousness can override some laws of physics, which we have
always assumed to be absolute.

With the advent of quantum physics and the Superstring theory
scientist now realize that all is not what it seems...

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