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@ESKObts - #TheFloorModelEP (Free Download) Please support! via @VickensMoscova


'Esko's new EP is a like a tribute to how Hip-Hop should be'
'Esko delivers six tracks of absolute fire with this EP'
'The Floor Model EP' is Hip-Hop with essence and substance.

'Esko is a talent that for us ticks all the boxes'

Esko - The Floor Model EP
01 - Fire Lyrics
02 - Still Be Me
03 - Why Do I
04 - Sunny Afternoons
05 - Solid As Steel
06 - The Prophecy

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'The Floor Model EP' is a collection of six songs by the talented that vary in style, speed, theme, and delivery. This was done to give the listener an introduction to Esko's range as a lyricist as well as showcasing his ability to work with producers of different styles. Raised in New Jersey, Esko is a talented emcee, dedicated to the culture of Hip-Hop. Since the age of fifteen Esko has been crafting his style and expressing his emotions through the lyrics of his songs. His heart, mind, and soul go into every letter of every verse he writes. His music is a direct reflection of his life, the good times, the bad times, and everything in between.  ESKO is a fan of true hip hop as a culture and discovered hip-hop when he heard KRS One's 'Step Into A World' and Wu-Tangs 'C.R.E.A.M' back in the 90's. Raised in a single parent household Esko took to the pad and pen at an early age to cope with his daily struggle of poverty and stress. Making a buzz first as a poet, Esko describes himself as a Biographical emcee, creating music that reflects the events and emotions of his life and the lives of the people close to him.

Esko is known for his unorthodox lyrics, delivery, creative themes, and energetic stage performances. Driven by a charismatic love of life, Hip-Hop culture, and art, Esko loves to make music that documents his life and improves the lives of people with the same struggles. Influenced by emcees such as Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Onyx, Eminem, and Andre 3000, Esko's mission is to bring real hip hop back to the main stage. His latest release "The Floor Model EP" is an audio appetizer for fans awaiting his new album. "Fire Lyrics", which is a no-holds-barred onslaught of rapid fire rhymes, to "The Prophecy", which is a metaphoric representation of the battle between corporate record labels and the Underground rap scene.  The EP also includes "Sunny Afternoons", a song that humorously documents the struggle of trying to stay afloat financially.  This project has been released on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Amazon MP3, and Myspace Music.  The song "Why Do I" from the EP, has been featured on the #1 morning show in the region, G105.1FM's Bob and The Showgram.  Music from The Floor Model EP has also been featured on KRS ONE's internet radio, North Carolina State University's 88.1FM, and University of North Carolina in Greensboro's 103.1FM

Esko has performed in several cities in North Carolina, as well as Ft. Lauderdale Florida, and Long Beach California.  He plans on using his current connections in the industry to work his way up to a level that will permit him to perform and tour over seas.  Esko also manages The Tribe of 1100 Hunters, a collective of like-minded entrepreneurs and artists dedicated to uplifting the community and helping each other reach the common goal of making a living from their talents.  The Tribe includes graphic designers, Independent clothing lines, producers, painters, musicians, and emcees, all operating as a family.  There is a focus on self within every member, but ultimately, it is about unity, it is about The Tribe.



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