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FAME @TripleGMusik - #ALRIGHT via @VickensMoscova

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My real name is Monterio McClinton; I was born in Atlanta Ga. I was raised in East Atlanta. My mother was a single mother; she raised my younger brother and me by herself. My Father figures were my older cousins; they looked out for me and taught me the game at an early age. Growing up was kind of hard without a full time father but mom dukes showed enough for him and her both. I learned how to hustle at a young age I’d do whatever it took to get money. My mother passed when I was 14 years old her boyfriend shot and killed her then turned the gun on his self. It was surprising to me because he showed me a lot, taught me a lot but now all I have is hate for him. I resided with my father after the tragedy. He wasn’t ready to be a full time father. I remember nights when he would come late and drunk, and he would keep me up talking and talking even when I had to go to school. When I was 15 years old my pops got locked up on a drug charge. At this point I was in high school this is when I moved back to the Eastside to live with my Auntie Gail. She was hard on me, she use to trip about any and everything. All in all that was good for me because I had no stability, I really didn’t have a care in the world not even about school. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have graduated. I’ve been into music my entire life. My mother supported me with my dream of becoming a rapper. I started a group called “Young –n-Fresh” in high school. We all attended Columbia high. Members of the group included: myself “Fame”, my cousin “Lil CJ”, and my home girl “Young Le”. We loved school because we hustled there made a little money and gave people a chance to hear our music. A lot of people enjoyed our music; we even won our school talent show… we felt like celebrities. The group fell apart after I graduated because I had so much I wanted to do but CJ and Le were never ready to record when I was. CJ ended up going to school, and Le did her own thing, and I just kept doing me Solo. I got up with my cousin Rob (aka) Mack P, that’s who really had me wanting to be a rapper when were just kids. I use to look up to him and his younger brother Keem. Rob was still doing music too with Triple G. I started coming back around to the Southside (Riverdale) where they resided I also lived there after my Mothers death. I started letting them hear my music I heard some of theirs. Rob wanted me to do a song with him; he said he wanted it to be about “Loyalty” that’s what Triple G is all about. Came up with the hook and a verse and since then it’s been Triple G and Fame da Lunatic. We support each other we feed off each other’s ideas, we are a family. We all spit real life experiences, we are realist, straight up “cant nobody fuck with us “ I do this rap thing for my mother, my brother, my sisters and my girl Miss Bria she supports me a lot and I do it for me. My musical influences are Wayne, Tip, Jay Z, Outkast, UGK, Eight Ball & MJG, The Hot Boys (the old Cash Money), and I think the greatest rapper of all time dead or alive is 2pac. 

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