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NEED A #MUSICVIDEO ? #NewavMedia is Proud to offer Affordable #Music #Videos @ $700> #EPKs, #Video, #Commercials, #Filming Service's & #Consultation via @VickensMoscova @ThatsHiphop @DJNProject

>>> ALERT>>>>
Newav Media Will be in New York Dec 7th till Dec 12th
(Schedule ASAP and receive a discount for your video )

Newav Media Services

(HD Music Videos at a affordable price)
Simple HD Video Includes: 
Direction, Videography & Editing

A Treatment will be created as soon as date and deposit is set for the production.
1) Consultation about project (Set Direction, Date & Locations)
2) Video is a One day Shoot (8 Hours) Artist, Actors & Extra's should be prepared.
Newav does not supply Extra's, Must be filmed in Timely manner
[Newav does not provide Locations, For a extra fee locations can be made]
3) Editing and Color Correcting can take 12 to 25 hours,
depending on the project. 
4) Turnover time of a video is one week. The Artist will receive two REVISIONS of
the final edit.  5) Completion of Final video .Mov format H.264 for TV, Online, DVD Compatible

The Fee for Simple HD Video is $700.00 usd
$200 Must be deposited before a Date, Treatment can be made.
$500 Must be paid day of the shoot.

Email us for further details & consultation.
Moving forward, Email the song and or idea for the film:

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