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8 Things That Are Working For #Music #Artists via @VickensMoscova of #TrendsetterRadio #FB #SMM #SocialMedia

8 Things That Are Working For Music Artists

1. Social Networking

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even Youtube, when used correctly, are proving to be the most effective ways to build your fan base and keep them updated. Make it a point to follow other successful artists to see how they are using these tools to their advantage.

2. Creating An Artist Concept

What do you represent? What are you about? The answers to these questions are key to finding a fan base. Whether it’s connecting with avid weed smokers or others who share your political philosophy, being consistent with your message helps attract fans to you because you become a spokesman for their lifestyle. Trying to be everything to everybody never works. And if you haven’t already noticed by now, talent is key but,  lyrical skill and banging beats are not a sure winning formula for success. We now live in an era where J.Cole and Lil B can coexist and be successful in hip hop. Just make sure you’re not being boring.

3. Video

Audio is good, but visual is great! It stimulates visual receptors in the brain which triggers an extra sense. This is a good thing when done well. Fans are more likely to pass around something visually entertaining than something that’s just audio. You don’t need a big budget to create something visually clever and entertaining to accompany your music.

4. Mixtapes

Free mixtapes and EPs are still proving to be effective for artist. These are done best, in my opinion, when the performances are mostly over original beats or live instrument production. Keep in mind that your beats are an important part of establishing your signature sound as well.

5. Frequent Releases

Release music and release it often! People have a short attention span and short-term memory. Keep them engaged. Don’t let them forget about you.

6. Physical Products

Tangible products are still cool. True fans still want to have something physical in their possession. CDs still sell. I’d personally like to see usb flash drives fully replace the CD format. It’s a great way give your fans extra media such as videos, pics, and higher quality files of your music. There are a lot of cool ways you can distribute them too. There are customizable usb wristbands and other cool things you can do with them. Hip hop has been the setting the trends for a long time and I believe that if our community started to collectively support a different and better format for the music, that it would no doubt become the standard for the industry as a whole.

7. Collaborations

We’re now starting to see artists from different sides of track doing more collabs these days. Why? Because they’ve figured out that it’s more productive than beefing and hatin’. You may think that other artist is garbage, but he could have and audience that’s not familiar with your music and one that would most likely become fans of yours if you two did a joint together. Beefs don’t have the shelf life they used to. Hip hop is evolving and there’s more benefit in making allies instead of enemies

8. Live Shows

I always tell artist. When you hit the stage, make sure the audience remembers you afterwards. I don’t care what you do, but leave an impression. Get your performance tight. Most of the time, this is your best opportunity to sell your music and merch. This is the time to make that audience become a believer. Do your homework. Go to Youtube and search for the live shows of other artists. Study how they put it together and work the crowd. Then make the proper adjustments and tweaks to your own show..

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