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UK Runnings & Jailhouse Records Presents @Sir_Tomz #Lockdown (Hosted by Tricksta) via @VickensMoscova @Y_EntLLC

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"Grown, sensible but enjoyable, clever but not boring"
"Do yourself a favour get up on some real music"
"Birmingham Hip-Hop with style, finesse and originality"
"This is something A&R's should already be checking for"
"Pure fire and definitely our favourite mixtape of the month."

Sir Tomz began life in the rap crew Shadowless who had a big release on Big Dada Records. As an integral member of the crew, Tomz showed his skill on the mic and behind the boards achieving major attention from urban music lovers worldwide. Sir Tomz aka Shadowless Tomz went on to remix Roots Manuva's 'Bashment Boogie' for the Big Dada Records label compilation 'Extra Yard' which was mixed by DJ Excalibah, as well as the track 'Sky Fall' by Shadowless featuring on Tim Westwood's well respected CD compilation album 'UK Hip-Hop 2002 Vol.1'. Sir Tomz has also played live all over the UK, Spain and France as well as producing for other artists and guest featuring on other artists releases.

More recently Tomz has been back on his grind and making waves here in the UK and in the USA. Sir Tomz decided to remix five of the tracks from the album over industry beats and then dropped two music videos for them both having over 4000 hits on You Tube. The US unofficial remixes have been used on mixtapes from DJ Ames and Tricksta from UK Runnings, as well as featuring on the US released mixtape from DJ 5X & Coast2Coast Mixtapes entitled 'International Speaker Box 2' which was also hosted by Sir Tomz. He recently got commissioned to do a remix for Chicago label Knowledge Giving Birth (KGB) as well producing a ten track street album for MKD from Royalists. With a new energy and a new focus, Sir Tomz is bringing us back to reality. Bubblegum free, Sir Tomz is conscious Hip-Hop with a message and an artist with staying power.

His latest release 'Lockdown' drops as a collaboration project between his own imprint Jailhouse Records and UK Runnings Mixtapes. Mixed & hosted by one of the UK's leading mixtape deejay's Tricksta, who has released official mixes with the likes of French Montana, D-Block, Red Café, Papoose, The Jacka, Stat Quo, Chamillionaire, DJ Paul from Three Six Mafia and UK acts such as Iron Braydz, Skriblah from Terra Firma, M9, Big Cakes, Big Narstie and many more, this is an essential release for the UK Hip-Hop community. Featuring the production & the song writing talents of Sir Tomz, 'Lockdown' also features guest appearances from Nih'illi, Cyrus, Blackitude and Juice Aleem from New Flesh For Old.

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Sir Tomz Feat. Nih' Illi - Lockdown

Sir Tomz Feat. Nih' Illi - Lockdown

UK Runnings & Jailhouse Records Presents Sir Tomz 'Lockdown' (Track- listing)

01 - Intro Feat. Tricksta
02 - Lockdown Feat. Nih'illi
03 - Tell Dem Already
04 - Stack It Up Feat. Nih'illi
05 - Jail House Feat. Blackitude
06 - How I Do This Feat. Nih'illi & Cyrus
07 - What You KNow About
08 - Survival Feat. Cyrus
09 - New World Feat. Nih'illi & Blackitude
10 - Whats The Point
11 - Calmdown
12 - Showdown
13 - Do It
14 - Change Feat. Juice Aleem
15 - The Struggle Feat. Nih'illi
16 - 25 Pence Feat. Nih'illi
17 - I Amaze Myself Feat. Nih'illi*
18 - Outro Feat. Tricksta

All songs produced, mixed & engineered by SIR TOMZ
*Produced, mixed & engineered by Nih'illi

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