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5000 Twitter Followers + 2000 USA Facebook Likes Just $199 w/2 4 1 Publicity Sale: Rates Start at $70

2 4 1 Publicity Sale: Rates Start at $70 /Specials $199 5000 Twitter Followers and 2000 USA Facebook Likes (Ends July 31st 2012)

Do you need to Increase the Number of your Audience in Social Media?



#VMEnterprises has the Best Deal for You this Summer!


#VMEnterprises is an innovative Publicity, Market Branding Company that Specializes in Social Media.  We have helped over 1,000 Companies gain exposure on the great worldwide web taking them to the 21st century. We are staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there is always someone here to take your call/text and receive/answer your email. 


Speak to one of our Specialist Call 848-628-4873




Make sure you check our new, growing and busy Facebook Page at 

(Company Test Page) 


Twitter with over 25,000 Followers


Unlike other companies that state that they can help you grow your page in Social Media although is not reflected on their own personal page or company page we actually just focus on our clients as per the pages above for example! Make sure that you view other companies Social Media pages before making your decision.  If they have irregular Facebook Likes and/or Twitter Followers ask yourself the question "what are they doing in real life and how can they help me?".

 Benefits of Facebook Likes/Twitter Followers You May Not Have Thought Of.

More Likes and Followers = 


 1.  your page being shared more by Facebook and by Twitter retweets .. slow pages are not shared at the same % as 

larger pages are..


2.  your page showing up in FB searches higher.. (they list in fan order). Your Twitter page being seen on more friends pages.


3.  Better public perception.. When someone comes to a fan page and sees 500 fans they may not stick around as long or have as much "social respect" for the page as if you are in the thousands..

Its like walking into a restaurant at dinner hour and no one is there , youre first though "uh-oh this must not be a great place". The opposite is true; busy means great in the eyes of the public and its always been that way!


4.  Knocks down your competition...Youll gain a mental hold over them and when clients compare two pages youll

win everytime, based on your fan count!


5. Just feels good... Youll get a great feeling waking up and seeing more people on your page and having pride in your page will transfer to other aspects of your business..


 6. Barter Tweets and Facebook Sharing. When you have a large page others are anxious to trade tweet for tweet or share for share. If you are agrresive about this you can get your info out to millions for free! 



Speak to one of our Specialist

Call 848-628-4873





2 4 1 Special Expires When July is Over!

You Can Get Thousands of Likes and Followers for Less Than Ever.

Examples of what you can get with this special:


Need Just USA Facebook Fans or Just Twitter Followers?

You Can Order the Exact Amount You Want and Order in Increments of 1,000.

Go to and click rates 

We will double all orders through July 2012!


 Bundle and save:


Prices below are with 2 4 1 special applied.



1. $199

5000 Twitter Followers

2000 USA facebook likes

(posts to 600,000+)




2. $299

10000 Twitter Followers

4000 USA facebook likes

(posts to 600,000+)




3. $399


20000 Twitter Followers

8000 USA facebook fans

(posts to 600,000+)



See the regular special rates here



To order one of these special packages simply go to

click BUY NOW

Input $ amount of above package you would like.

Process payment and email

with your page links when you are complete.


Need Targeted Twitter Followers??

2 4 1 Special is NOT available for Targeted Twitter Followers

Reason for this is simple the amount of manual labor put in to searching, following and working on your page makes this package impossible to discount further. Our regular rates are amazing anyway. Following is based on keywords you provide and more info can be found here



VM Enterprises



ph/text #848-628-4873  

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