Tuesday, July 3

@TiagoGualberto, opening at @FBGallery1, Friday July 6 via @VickensMoscova of #VMEnterprises

Tiago Gualberto


Tiago Gualberto

July 6 to July 22. Opening July 6, 6-9pm
FB Gallery is proud to present Tiago Gualberto in his first New York City exhibition. Tiago's work focuses on the interplay between cultural practices and social development. He has lead cultural and art education workshops for socially vulnerable/disadvantaged children and adolescents in Brazil, giving him further insight into the socio-economic divide. 
His own Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage is also a source of inspiration for Tiago Gualberto. The juxtaposition of culture and ethnicity is highlighted through his unique use of chalk-like white pastel, a fragile medium that he uses as a tool of expressive strength. In many of his works we see a surrealist and dadaist touch, with depictions of absurd chimeras or everyday objects detourned from their original use. He has already participated in many exhibitions in Brazil and his work is currently on display at the Tamarind Institute (University of New Mexico, USA) as part of the exhibition Afro: Black Identity in America and Brasil.

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