Monday, October 14


When it comes to being successful all I did was extra work. I didn't do anything special but go outside my comfort zone. Many times in life people take the 'right path' because it seems safer and easier. While I may be taking the 'left path' of the unknown it felt safer because I knew God was guiding and supporting all my endeavors.

Sometimes people question my 'sainthood' because they have expect me to be like a preacher spewing righteousness. Maybe they should question the experience behind the words to get a better understanding of why I am so dedicated to doing Gods work here on the planet. The creator literally walks with me in the great times AND indifferent. Never judging but encouraging excellence out of me because it is so within me.

Instead of listening to those with nothing positive to say, I assess the meaning behind the words. So many times growing up while taking Literature I never understood why writers had multiple meaning behind there words. I am realizing now how to transmute negative energy to turn into a positive. If I didn't master this the weight of the world would have since gotten to me yet I stand strong.