Monday, March 17

#MUMIA Broadcast Premiere on @STARZ via @Khemwest @VM_Enterprises


Broadcast Premiere on Starz
Tuesday, March 18
6:15pm ET/PT
DirecTV - Channel 530
Dish Network - Channel 355
(or check local cable provider)

More dates to follow...

For thirty-plus years, a false narrative regarding the life and revolutionary times of Mumia Abu-Jamal has been disseminated far and wide. It's been a story chock-full of lies, innuendo, and bare-naked racist fear mongering. The State has moved heaven and earth to silence Abu-Jamal. "Long Distance Revolutionary" pulls the rug out from under all the lies.

The venerable Dick Gregory says: "One day we will find out that he was the voice of America." Tuesday might be one of those days.

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“Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary” is proof that there are still outspoken champions of views too radicalized to qualify as left-wing: people distrustful of law enforcement, the political system, the justice system, the news media and the very notion that America is at heart the land of the free… This film is certainly a bracing change from the usual back-and-forth of the evening news. 
— The New York Times

Tracing the path of a brilliant journalist whose message cannot be silenced...Vittoria triumphantly heralds Abu-Jamal's return to the political scene as a rallying cry for an alternate political discourse. 
— Variety

Stephen Vittoria’s impassioned feature “Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary” 
goes past the headlines… This is truly an eye-opening experience.
— Leonard Maltin, Movie Crazy/Indiewire

“MUMIA: Long Distance Revolutionary” is a powerful indictment of the hypocrisy 
inherent in the American dream and is a must-see for any and all who are concerned 
with upholding the constitutional rights of all Americans.”
— The Huffington Post

“Long Distance Revolutionary” is a blistering indictment of institutionalized racism 
and also a sensitive picture of a fascinating human being.
— The Oregonian

I’ve sat through many documentaries in my life and this is one of the finest. 
I was riveted by the film. It was as if Mumia was in the room speaking directly to us. 
Long Distance Revolutionary is a gripping film.
— Albert Maysles, Legendary Filmmaker

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