Monday, January 31

The secret to happiness is

Matt and I were chuckling the other day about how beautifully, wonderfully diverse all of life is, and how everyone and everything is always somehow, ultimately, loved and cherished. For every piece of clothing that exists, there is a happy buyer who is thankful that someone else has passed it up. For every flavor created, there is someone who doesn't care for it, just as much as there is someone who loves it. For every form of art, there is a critic and a fan club that exist simultaneously.

With a gloomy, depressed outlook on life, we can sometimes forget that our own fan club exists. We can focus on the one critic, and overlook our closest loved ones and even complete strangers, who are willing and able to shower us with affection. We even forget the power and availability of our own love to give to ourselves. When we lose ourselves in the personal roles and responsibilities of life's play of form, the events of our day or "momentary circumstances" somehow puts a veil over our deeper knowing. When this occurs, we quickly forget that our happiness is not at all tied to being seen or heard in the world, to whether or not others are in agreement with us (or we are with them), or whether or not things seem to go our way.

In a nutshell, true happiness spontaneously arises out of our willingness to openly appreciate all aspects of ourselves and others - one moment at a time.

Every time you find something to appreciate, you are one step closer to allowing the heart to burst wide open and feel safe enough to freely receive the gifts of life's greatest joy, as reflections of what your newfound generosity effortlessly inspires in others.

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