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Do you still need SEO for your brand?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is changing brands. While this may seem to be too big a topic for one article, note that we are only going over some advantages of using search engine optimization. Some companies promise big results with SEO and some can give you big results. You do have to remember that, even though Google gets millions of searches every day on thousands of topics, there are hundreds of millions of sites fighting for traffic. So using SEO helps you stand out.
Let’s go over some more advantages.

Increase Daily Visitors

Perhaps the most pronounced advantage of SEO is simply boosting your daily traffic. And not just any traffic, but targeted, pre-qualified traffic. With keyword optimization, you may not double actual visitors, but you should a nice increase in buyers.
It’s a Must Online
Every top brand online uses SEO in some form or another. And more importantly, so does your competition. While social marketing may be a dominant force right now, many businesses are still getting much more by simply bringing in leads via search engines, capturing prospect information and turning clickers into buyers. SEO is still a very important part of any marketing effort.
Reach New Buyers
If you offer a prominent service or sell a unique product, your site is bound to come up in search engines for it as well as your brand name or company. But with SEO your site can come up in the search results for other targeted keywords besides your specific product or brand name. This allows you to reach new, interested buyers who might otherwise have never found your site because they didn’t know your company or product names.
Targeted Results
If you optimize your site correctly, it acts like a storefront where people can walk directly to what they want. Optimizing internal pages to show up in the search results will allow buyers to find the specific products they want right away, rather than entering through the homepage and then having to navigate through your entire site. While this may seem simple, if the buyer sees exactly what they are searching for, it decreases their bounce rate and will likely increase conversions.
SEO definitely dominates search engine marketing, but there are many other marketing strategies to consider online as well. Twitter is a phenomenon, while brands are rising to new heights with Facebook and email marketing is far from dead. When combined, these online advertising forms can be very effective.
by Jen Gelhar
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