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Ask Legendary Hip Hop Artist Kool Keith Anything!!!

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Q & A :

Keith Matthew Thornton, better known by his stage name Kool Keith, is an American Hip hop artist. A founding member of Ultramagnetic MCs, Kool Keith has recorded prolifically both as a solo artist and in group collaborations. Kool Keith is the self-proclaimed inventor of both the 'Horrorcore' and 'Pornocore' subgenres of Hip Hop. Keith is a rapper and record producer whose bizarre lyrical style, hallucinatory imagery and constant re-invention have made him a "Cult" figure in the world of underground Hip-Hop. While Keith started out as a member of the famed New York rap crew the Ultramagnetic MC's, it was his debut album (as alias Dr. Octagon) that shot him to prominence. The Dan The Automator-produced album became a classic and helped spawn a new genre called Acid Rap. Since killing off Dr. Octagon, Keith has written and recorded albums using a number of different aliases, including Dr. Dooom and Black Elvis.

  • Aliases
    • Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis, Mr. Nogatco, Keith Turbo, Orange Man, Poppa Large
  • Albums
    • 1996: Dr. Octagonecologyst
    • 1997: Sex Style
    • 1999: First Come, First Served
    • 1999: Black Elvis/Lost in Space
    • 2000: Matthew
    • 2001: Spankmaster
    • 2003: The Lost Masters
    • 2004: The Personal Album
    • 2004: Official Space Tape
    • 2005: Lost Masters 2
    • 2006: The Commi$$ioner
    • 2006: Collabs Tape
    • 2006: The Commi$$ioner 2
    • 2006: Return of Dr. Octagon
    • 2006: Nogatco Rd.
    • 2007: In High Definition
    • 2007: Sex Style: The Un-Released Archives
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