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Fam Records Present West - Life In London via @TrendsetterEnt


Fam Records Present West - Life In London (Produced by David The Producer)

For those of you that may not have heard about this talented urban songwriter and performer, let us take this opportunity to tell you about the man they call West. After getting into music at a very early age, West started performing by the age of five winning talent competitions and being picked for star roles in his school plays. As he naturally matured he began to decipher what styles of music he liked getting into various urban music sounds such as R'n'B, Hip-Hop & Jungle. It was this influx of inspiration that led to West picking up the pen, writing rap verses and sung hooks. Before long West went onto record a mixtapes worth of material on well known beats which led to him being asked to perform at open mic nights and get his name out locally. 

In 2003 West auditioned for a singer/songwriting competition in Reading where me met the keyboard player who played on D'Angelo's 'Voodoo' album. He started working with him and wrote his first commercial song 'Take My Life'. He came second in the competition and went on to perform the song in various UK clubs including London's 'Popshow Party' in Soho supporting a girl group called 'Clea'. After this triumph, he worked with a few local producers and learnt how to play a few chords on the guitar and taught himself how to use programs such as Cubase & Reason. West then entered the BBC's talent show 'Pop Idol' getting through to the second round before entering the X-Factor to be told by Louis Walsh he 'should and could be a star'.

Since then it's been non-stop for West as he joined local reggae band Mighty Upfront as a singer and gained valuable experience playing live, as well as having a massive local following. Now teamed up with brand new record label and management company Fam Records, as well as enlisting the production skills of 'David The Producer', West is set for big things. There is no doubting that West has the raw talent, the vision and the skills to make a real impact and the fact that his material is refreshingly uplifting and positive, makes this artist a man to watch.

Here is West's first single to be promoted nationally and internationally, and it's a song that was actually written  back in 2007. The song talks on the different lives and issues regarding England 's capitol city  London, due to current events it seemed to be a good time to share this song with the world. The hearts of WEST and FAM records go out to all families affected. There is a lot more to come from West and Fam Records so be make sure you remember the name.

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