Friday, August 19

Sir Tomz Feat. Nih illi - Lockdown (Music Video)

Sir Tomz Feat. Nih illi - Lockdown (Music Video)

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It only seems like five minutes ago that we were telling you about Sir Tomz's massive music video for 'The Struggle'. Well guess what? This Birmingham emcee, producer and CEO is back with his brand new music video which once again features the lush sung vocals of Nih illi and is directed, edited and produced by Peter Jordan from Auteurluirid.

With the recent events of the riots and looting in the UK it's been a time for reflection and deep thought for the whole population. It's a strange time here is the UK and there is no doubting that even those who thought there wasn't a government 'Lockdown' are now convinced there will be. This track is deeply lyrical and has a strong message as well as being delivered brilliantly over Ice Cube & Malay's massive 'You Know Me' beat. 

Sir Tomz and his empire Jailhouse Ltd really are making moves and future releases already finished and now being scheduled for release the future looks bright. Please take note of this Midlands based outfit and show love and support wherever possible.

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