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Gage (of Click Animosity) - The Desolate Lands OUT NOW!!!


Gage (of Click Animosity) - The Desolate Lands

"The Desolate Lands in my mind is a project I formulated in the mid 90's around 96. There are songs I recorded as a testament to that. It's basically a conceptual album, a "what if" the world went through some sort of catastrophic event like a global nuclear war, apocalyptic type thing. What's left after that? Not much, many deaths, a lot of sick people, some people who will try to take advantage of the situations etc. So The Conqueror is like the hero & a mercy killer in these days & times. I wanted this to be like a movie on disc or MP3's. Thanks to a lot of MC friends, DJ's & producers (especially DJ Extremidiz). We've crafted a project that I feel really hits the nail on the head & accomplished what we set out to do with this." - Gage

Full Track-listing

01. The Desolate Lands
02. Introduction To Destruction feat Reverend Kane
03. Blood Lust
04. Heavy Chainz
05. The Broken Ceremony
06. Deadly Friends feat Karniece, Acces Immortal, Mighty Ravage & Fess Cotchu
07. Habitat feat Warghosts & Tragic Allies
08. I Fear No Evil feat Justice of Black River Sound
09. The Boneyard Dance feat Rasul, Deewuallah, Rhetoric & Konflikk
10. Black Our feat Trust aka Tizmoe, Deewuallah & Ripshop
11. The Trumpets Call feat Mammi-Uno
12. Universal Warlodz feat Rasul of Lost Children Of Babylon
13. White Spider Assassinz feat Holocaust & Rhetoric
14. Hight Priest (Interlude)
15. The Gospel Broken Rigz Remix
16. The Revenge Of Abel
17. The News
18. The End (Rebirth)

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About Gage:

Gage got his start on the mic officially around 1994. Former member of the now defunct group V.H.S. Crew which consisted of Relm-1, Resek, Tizmoe (Trust), himself & others. Recently some of the material has been officially released from that era by Gage, Trust and with Relm's approval and artistic direction. That V.H.S. Crew - Tragic Outcome (Click Animosity origins Vol.1) can be purchased at Undergroundhiphopdotcom (Ughh) as a limited edition. Around 2007 Gage & Trust regrouped & formed Click Animosity & began almost immediately working on their debut album Feeders Of The Flamez which even without distribution was greeted with a very warm welcome and considered to be 1 of the best Hip Hop albums of 2010 by those lucky enough to have heard it.

Gage also has available his debut EP known as Dead Angel / The Gospel which was a total of 8 tracks with 3 original & 5 remixes. Feeders Of The Flamez & Dead Angel / The Gospel are currently available on iTunes , Amazon etc for download via Metal Barz Records (Dead Angel / The Gospel is known as Metal Barz #001 meaning 1st official release) . Metal Barz Records is headed by Canadian underground Hip Hop Producer DJ Extremidiz who many know for his work with Shabazz the Disciple on Metal Barz Records & many other Hip Hop veterans & legends. Gage & Click Animosity have also appeared on many compilations, mixtapes, radio shows & online radio shows. Click Animosity is Gage; Trust aka T.Izmoe & Rheto also from Evil Dead.

Gage & DJ Extremidiz wanted to bring a visual sound scape of a "What If" scenario , What if the Earth was all but destroyed by a cataclysmic event such as a series of nuclear attacks , Earth quakes , Tsunamis , or even an End Of Days type of scenario ? What would the world be like for those few who managed to survive such horrific events? Gage tackles the lyrical side of things with very vivid story telling & pains visual portraits while Dj Extremidiz and some other producers lend the grimey back ground for the sound track. The Desolate Lands is like an audio movie. "It's the post apocalyptic companion disc , besides clean water & safe shelter this is all you will need to survive" exclaims Gage jokingly yet with a serious face. Gage is the Conqueror on this project, less of Hip Hop purist & more of a new direction into the mind of 1 of Hip Hop's most sought after new comers.

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