Wednesday, August 1

5 Steps for Musicians to Dominate Facebook (or ANY Social Media) via #VMEnterprises @VickensMoscova

Music Marketing [dot] com: 5 Steps for Musicians to Dominate Facebook (or ANY Social Media)

1. Be Approachable
Being successful on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlet is a lot like being successful in a bar—If you want people to talk to you, you need to be approachable. Showing your "human side" will help. An easy way for musicians to do this is to post candid photos and videos of "non-music" activities.
  • your tour bus at a drive-thru window 
  • your van on the side of the road with a flat tire 
  • hanging out backstage 
  • your 5-star hotel room 
  • your 1-star hotel room
2. Give Value
Don’t just bombard people with marketing messages of where you’re playing, where your album is for sale, or requests to “vote” for you in some contest. Instead, let people know where they can get a free download of your music, where they can get photos of your current tour, or be part of your upcoming music video.
Here is a bumper sticker by children's artist Mr. Billy that does this well...
music marketing sticker
3. Start a Conversation
Social media isn’t a one-way street, so don’t just talk to people, talk with them. To do this:
  • ask questions
  • focus on interaction, not revenue
Another example from Mr. Billy...
music marketing sign
4. Think Beyond Text
Break up text messages with audio and video. A picture is worth 1000 words.
5. Ask For It!
Don’t expect the person reading your message to read your mind also. If you want somebody to “like” it, respond to it, or share it with a friend, tell them!
music marketing Cart
And here is the bottom line about how to do it…
Give more of yourself, put the necessary time in, and make you communication "personal" by sharing aspects of your personal life. Doing these things, you have a great opportunity to stand out. If you’re not willing to do these things though, you have a better chance as ever of getting lost.