Tuesday, August 14

#LiveInPeace ll #StopTheViolence via @_Feel_X of @AllIsLoveFeelX via @VickensMoscova of #VMEnterprises

On August 4, 2012 in Brooklyn NYC we walked for peace. It was a public witness for all to be loving members of society and to stop the violence in memory of  councilman James E. Davis who was shot in City Hall in 2003.

Here at All is Love, its about truly living a message of love and change the world starting with yourself. Our purpose is bring you art and media that is reflective of the message of love found in service and self-sacrifice. We encourage you if not to follow what it is that we do, just to find a way where you can be active in your community to produce a culture of love. Whether be at your local school, church, or volunteering for some other notable cause, we urge you to dedicate your life to changing the culture.

-All is Love
-Brandon "Feel-X" Morel

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