Saturday, September 13

Some incite and thanks

Thank you for viewing my blog. You encountered a great spot to get some different things that you may not be keen to. As you can see I have a lot of different kinds of posts. Do you watch only one kind of show, doubt it.  I also have different kinds of posts because I like to share what I bees on.

Ghandi once said if we are to have true peace in the world it must start w/ the children.
So my blog is always going to be kid-friendly.

I wanted to also share something I was watching today from my main man Dr. Wayne Dyer.
I think he calls it the dyer dirty dozen..but its clean to me hahahahahahahah lol...ok.

Start: Want more for others than for yourself.

Think from the end.

Be an appreciator.

Stay in rapport with source energy.


Contemplate surrounded by what one wants.

Understand allowing taking path of least resistance.

Practice radical humility.

Be in constant gratitiude. Easily be generous and grateful.

Keep in mind...One can never solve problems by condeming it. Shame out the door and out the mind.

Play match game. Am I matched up with field of intention.


He ended it with this quote...When you change the way you look at things, The things you look at change.