Sunday, April 18

I'm a Dreamer and I ain't the only 1

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It's the truth! 

I was going to give all my energy to an issue I have to deal with concerning my father and some other family anger issues I have to get over. On to the next one... I know everything is everything and have nothing to worry about. i realize people chose the lives they lead to make me better for a reason. Whatever world others choose to live in is their choice. Since it was my choice to live in those dimensions in the past I should be able to understand why people are the way they are. I was like you. I am not anymore. Everyday, almost every second I change for the greater good! Something similar to the expansion of the universe. I literally can't live the negative way I used to, it makes me sick and uncomfortable. I will not invite nor maintain negatives patterns in my life. I choose to be happy and fulfill my dreams and goals. So I am living them. Simple as that. I have no more time to entertain the "negatives ones" since I am on a 'mission' now. Self-actualization is cool and I can't complain. Yes I blew up and cursed out my father yet I am not mad at myself about it. It was something I needed to get out and I am glad I did so I would feel better, even though I know we always have to respect our mothers, fathers and ancestors and vice versa. Luckily I realize my room for improvement and will put some energy to it but not more than enough. Time for me to Be living my dreams/goals and I will let no bitch ass nigga stop my growth...even you. Peace 'n Love!

Love yah D.S.! an/ad


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