Thursday, April 8

Love you dearly...

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I enjoyed the yesterday greatly with a very special lady in NYC. Honestly she reminded me about the Love I was introduced to a while back. I can hardly believe I forgot what I have been searching for before. I had been doing a lot of unrealized soul searching when it was inside me the whole time. 

Shout out to my Mom, Grandmas and Ancestors. You all did a wonderful job and its up to me to keep this greatness going.

But back to this wonderful lady. She may or  may not read this yet the more I get to 'know' her the better I feel about our situation. I love her smile, body, skin, jokes, experiences and her natural beauty. MOST importantly I love her Love for life. She has much positive energy and I feel I do as well. I would really like to see whats happens when two like minds/hearts work together in living dreams together. She is very graceful and in-tuned to the unseen which makes for excellent conversation. I love her open-mind and how she chooses what she lets into her life. I feel she has made the choice to let me in her world. I  been living in my own world and feel we could mesh together with some great "magic". 

So people please always keep doing nice things for others for what comes around goes around. I am love. I am divine. I am abundant. I have great vision. I love to spread love and positivity. I am blessed and stress-free. I am in-tuned to the unseen world. My third eye is open. My pineal gland is working smoothly. My cells are regenerating and healing old wounds. I am in great health mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.


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